Why Is My Redbubble Account Restricted?

My heart sank as I saw the dreaded message: “Your account has been restricted.” I was shocked and confused—what had I done wrong? If you’ve ever had this experience, you know how disheartening it can be. So, why is my redbubble account restricted?

In this article, we will discuss why your Redbubble account may have been suspended and what steps you can take to get it reinstated.


  • Redbubble accounts can be suspended due to various reasons, such as violating the user agreement or engaging in illicit  activities.
  • To reinstate a suspended account, users can apply an appeal to the Redbubble team and resolve any issues that led to the suspension.
  • It is important to avoid spamming, using misleading tactics, or infringing on trademarks when uploading designs to Redbubble.
  • Diversifying designs, using relevant keywords, and following Redbubble’s published policies can help users maintain a successful and unrestricted account.

Reasons why is my redbubble account restricted

It’s possible that your print-on-demand marketplace account has been restricted due to a variety of causes.

  • There could be multiple reasons for an account suspension, such as uploading designs that violate Etsy’s user agreement or using deceptive tags on multiple accounts.
  • Additionally, your artwork may have been flagged for potential trademark breaching or spamming words like ‘2021’ and similar keywords.
  • Furthermore, log-in attempts from different devices can also trigger a ban, and you may even be suspended if the artwork you upload is not offered in the print-on-demand marketplace.
  • Lastly, if you use automated tools to gain a competitive benerfits, or make money by selling fraudulent merchandise with deceiving buyers – your account may be disabled due to deceitful transactions.

These are all popular reasons why your print-on-demand marketplace account might be restricted:

  • Uploading designs that violate the user agreement
  • Using deceptive tags across multiple accounts
  • Infringement of intellectual property or trademarks

From here, we’ll explore troubleshooting tips to help get your account back up and running again.

Troubleshooting Tips Of redbubble suspended my account

Don’t worry, you can still get your account reinstated if it has been suspended by print-on-demand marketplace. To troubleshoot the issue of a redbubble suspended my account, you must first understand why your account is suspended in the first place.

Common reasons for an account suspension include uploading artwork or designs that violate user agreement, submitting multiple accounts on different devices, using automated tools to upload content, and using illicit practices to gain competitive benerfits.

An illustration of a redbubble logo with a large red "X" over it, surrounded by a yellow caution sign and a magnifying glass.

It’s usually best to check whether your account has violated any terms before attempting to reinstate it.

You can do this by checking your designs and phrases for potential trademark breaching and using the trademark checker provided by Redbubble. If there is indeed a infraction, you should apply an appeal to their team in order to get your account back.

Make sure that all of your submitted artwork is original or inspired by others in order to qualify for sale offered in the print-on-demand marketplace.

UnderstandInvestigate why the print-on-demand marketplace suspended my account  
Check DesignsLook into potential trademark breachs and use Etsy’s trademark checker
Submit AppealAppeal to their team if there was a infraction of terms so as to reinstate the acct
Original ArtworkEnsure that all uploaded work is original or inspired

Help Center Assistance On redbubble account suspension

For those experiencing a Redbubble account suspension, help is available in their Help Center. There are several things you can do to resolve the issue, including appealing to their team and submitting an appeal.

Here are four steps to take:

  1. Check your designs and phrases for potential trademark infringement with Etsy’s trademark checker.
  2. Make sure your artwork is original and not inspired by other artwork on the platform or vector bundles from other sites.
  3. Maximizing exposure with redbubble tags, descriptions, titles, keywords, and relevant phrases so as not to give yourself a competitive benerfits over others in search results while avoiding potential spamming words like ‘free’ or ‘2021’.
  4. Avoid earning money off of famous politicians’ names or images such as shirts about Bernie Sanders; these items will be flagged and may lead to an account suspension if it implies any misguiding or illicit activities.

If all else fails, Redbubble encourages contacting their team directly with account details so they can investigate further into why your account was suspended and try to get it reinstated.

User Guidelines

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users, it is important to become familiar with Etsy’s user agreement and the guidelines governing the platform.

DesignUploading artwork that violates copyright or trademark laws
TagUsing misguiding tags or keywords to gain an unfair competitive advantage
LogAutomatically logging in on multiple accounts from different devices
BankDeceitful transactions with buyers
SuspendIntentionally creating confusion with automated sorts

Print-on-demand marketplace takes these violations seriously and may discontinue your account if they suspect you of any misguiding practices. It’s usually best to use relevant keywords and expand your designs so that you don’t qualify as a candidate for suspension. 

User Guidelines for Redbubble Account Restricted

If your account has already been discontinued, you can apply an appeal to their group in order to try and get it reinstated. Moving forward, make sure to check your creates and phrases against the Trademark Checker before they are offered in the Redbubble marketplace.

Additional Resources

Now that we understand the user guidelines for Redbubble, let’s look into additional resources to help you if your Redbubble account is discontinued.

If your Redbubble account has been suspended, you may be able to submit an appeal and get it reinstated. You’ll need to provide all relevant information like account details, IP address, etc., as well as a reason why you think your suspension was in error.

It’s always worth checking whether your designs or phrases violate any copyright laws or trademarks before uploading them on the platform – there are even trademark checkers available for sale online now that can help with this process.

It’s always worth checking whether your designs or phrases violate any copyright laws or trademarks before uploading them on the platform – there are even trademark checkers available for sale online now that can help with this process.

Finally, make sure not to create multiple accounts on different devices or use different credentials for each one; this can be seen as potential illicit activities by Redbubble’s processes and tools.

We hope these tips will help address any issues with getting your account back and offered in the Redbubble marketplace!

Suspended Account Overview

When it comes to redbubble account access issues, it’s likely due to violating the user agreement or potentially fraudulent activities.

Redbubble is a platform that allows users to create and upload designs for clothing, redbubble stickers for creative expression, art prints and more. When you sign up for an account, you agree to follow Etsy’s terms of service.

If you fail to do so, then your account may be temporarily restricted or even permanently suspended. Your username will no longer be able to access the platform or view any orders associated with the Redbubble order confirmation.

When accounts are suspended, it’s important to determine the cause of the redbubble suspension before attempting reinstatement.

It could be because of the spam words in descriptions or tags section which gives another user a competitive benerfits or uploading vector packs intended as original artwork but inspired by famous politicians without making money through royalties.

It’s usually best practice to check your designs and phrases for trademark breach using their trademark checker too. 

Additionally, don’t use similar words as spammers nowadays can detect them easily! A suspended another account on Red bubble refers to a user’s account being temporarily deactivated due to various reasons.

These reasons may include engaging in spammy activities or violating Etsy’s policies. When a Redbubble account is discontinued, the user loses access to their analytics dashboard, Redbubble sales, and their artist profile. 

Additionally, they are unable to withdraw funds from their bank account linked to their suspended account. Despite the suspension, users are still able to still find us on Twitter, where they can stay updated on any news or announcements.

It’s important to note that creating a new account or attempting to access Redbubble through a different account while your previous account is suspended is a violation of Etsy’s terms of service. Users who are caught doing so may face permanent suspension from the platform. 

Therefore, it is essential to adhere to Etsy’s policies and guidelines to maintain users have access to your account and avoid any suspicious activity in 2021. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not able to log in, your Redbubble account may be suspended. Check for an email from them detailing the suspension and what steps you can take to get your account reinstated.

No, there’s no limit to how many designs you can upload – but be careful that your artwork doesn’t violate any user agreements or else your account may be suspended!

Yes, you can have multiple accounts on different devices. However, Redbubble will suspend your account if they detect any deceptive activities or deceitful transactions with buyers. It’s always best to use different credentials and avoid excessive words for a competitive advantage.

If your Redbubble account has been suspended, you can apply an appeal to their team. They will review the details of your account and may reinstate it if no violations were found.

There are several common causes for account suspension on Redbubble, such as upload tools, deceptive creation of artwork, trademark infringement and spamming. Check your designs and phrases to make sure they don’t qualify as potential subjects of suspension.


After going through all the possible causes and reasons why my Redbubble account was restricted, I finally understand that it’s important to follow guidelines, use relevant keywords, diversify designs, and never try to deceive automated filters.

As they say, “prevention is better than cure”. So if I want to avoid the hassle of dealing with an account suspension in the future, I need to be vigilant and ensure that I’m following all the user guidelines properly.

This will also help me make more money from my artwork without having to worry about restrictions or bans on my Redbubble account.

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