Who Owns Trend Offset Printing?

Trend Offset Printing shines brightly in the printing industry, holding a prominent and esteemed position. Renowned for its impeccable and superior prints alongside its expansive array of printing services, Trend Offset Printing has garnered widespread admiration from both clientele and industry peers.

By steadfastly centering on delivering outstanding outcomes and adeptly catering to the diverse requirements of their patrons, Trend Offset Printing has firmly established itself as a cherished ally for businesses spanning various sectors.

 Their unwavering dedication to pioneering advancements, dependability, and unwavering commitment to ensuring customer delight have solidified their standing as the go-to choice for top-notch printing solutions.

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  • Amidst the acquisition of Trend Offset Printing by Mittera Group in 2021, the move has sparked significant changes and opportunities in Des Moines and Iowa’s printing industry.
  • This strategic amalgamation is projected to reshape the local print market, fostering increased competitiveness and innovation.
  • While it may bring forth challenges and opportunities, the acquisition represents Mittera’s commitment to enhanced services, innovation, and a reconfiguration of the local print industry’s dynamics. 
  • Additionally, this acquisition is a strategic step in Mittera’s national expansion, aiming for sustained growth and market leadership in the ever-evolving printing landscape.

Who Owns Trend Offset Printing

Mittera has acquired the assets of Trend Offset Printing. Des Moines, IA— Mittera, a North American leader in print and digital communication strategies, has announced it has acquired the assets of Trend Offset Printing. Headquartered in Los Alamitos, Calif. Trend Offset is a national printer serving retail, magazine, catalog, and direct mail advertising segments. Mittera’s position in both retail and commercial printing services will be strengthened with the inclusion of Trend Offset.

In order to provide a seamless customer experience with increased capabilities, Trend’s client contacts, staff, and vital infrastructure will merge with Mittera’s nationwide network of print production and communication solution specialists, offering different options to offset printing. This integration will empower clients with a wider range of choices, ensuring that their specific printing needs are met with utmost precision and efficiency.

Mittera and Trend, two of the biggest privately held print companies in North America that have been in business since 1986 and 2021 respectively when offset printing first emerged, have established a culture of unwavering attention to the success of their clients.

Customers of Trend will continue to work for Mittera’s extended platform of digital and sheet-fed offset printing process details capabilities as well as digital marketing solutions, while still working with the same team of experts as in the past. 

“Trend’s priority is to create a seamless transition for our clients,” said Todd Nelson, CEO of Trend Offset. “We believe this direction will provide the greatest opportunity and value for our clients, vendors, and employees alike.” 

Trend Offset Printing, a renowned name in the printing industry, has undergone a significant change in ownership. 

Mittera, a prominent company in the field, has recently acquired the assets of Trend Offset Printing. This acquisition marks a notable development in the industry landscape, bringing together the expertise and resources of both organizations.

Financial Overview

Mittera, a leading marketing communications company, recently announced its acquisition of Trend Offset Printing, a family-owned printing business in southern California, Texas, and Colorado.

This move marks a significant expansion for Mittera, positioning it as one of the largest privately held printing powerhouses in the industry.

Financial of Mittera,  a leading marketing communications company, recently announced its acquisition of Trend Offset Printing

According said Jon Troen, CEO of Mittera, the acquisition of Trend Offset will enhance their presence in the retail market.

This M&A deal, announced via PRNewswire, brings together two companies with a rich history in the printing industry, with Trend Offset Printing tracing its roots back to the 1950s in California. This trend offset will enhance Mittera’s position in the market and set the stage for continued growth and success in the industry.

What is the revenue of Mittera?

The yearly income of Mittera is $51.0M. The data science team at Zippia conducted a thorough investigation and analysis to find the following important financial indicators regarding Mittera.

  • Mittera employs 200 people and generates $255,000 in income per worker.
  • In 2022, Mittera’s top revenue was $51.0M.

Market Position and Competitiveness

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  • It involves joyfully evaluating its competitive edge compared to peers or competitors, gleefully considering factors like market share, the ever-growing customer base, and the esteemed brand reputation it proudly holds.
  • Analysis lovingly embraces understanding the company’s market penetration strategies, illuminating its exceptional unique selling propositions (USPs), and joyously highlighting its strengths and opportunities, while cheerfully acknowledging and transforming any perceived weaknesses into avenues for growth and improvement in comparison to competitors.

Financial Stability and Growth Trajectory

  • This part radiates a celebration of the company’s financial strength and its promising growth trajectory.
  • It gleefully encompasses evaluating financial ratios, debt-to-equity ratios, cash flow analysis, and joyfully assessing the company’s robust ability to fund future growth initiatives.
  • Analysis exuberantly highlights discussions on investment in research and development, the exciting potential for expansion or diversification, and the overall flourishing financial health, affirming the company’s bright potential for sustained and flourishing growth, all embraced with positivity and optimism.

Impact on Des Moines and Iowa’s Printing Landscape

As the landscape of our industry continues to change, the acquisition for the company has significant national footprint in Des Moines and the broader state of Iowa.

  • This strategic move is expected to bring substantial changes and opportunities, not only for the involved companies but also for the local family-owned printing businesses in southern California Texas, and Colorado.
  • The Trend client relationships, personnel, and critical infrastructure will join Mittera’s national network of print production and communication solution professionals.
  • The amalgamation of these printing entities is likely to create a ripple effect in Des Moines and across Iowa, influencing the dynamics of the print industry.
  • With Mittera’s expanded presence and strengthened capabilities resulting from the acquisition, the local print market could witness increased competition and potentially heightened innovation for clients alike. 
  • From an employment perspective, the impact of the acquisition could lead to new job opportunities while potentially affecting existing roles due to operational restructuring or optimization.
  • While the specifics of how the acquisition might influence employment figures are contingent on Mittera’s strategic decisions post-acquisition, it is common for such integrations to result in a blend of organizational structures and roles to maximize operational efficiency.
  • Moreover, the acquisition may offer advantages for local businesses seeking print and marketing services.
  • Mittera’s expanded portfolio of capabilities and resources could provide these businesses with access to a broader range of print solutions, potentially fostering innovation and improved service offerings within the local market.

The acquisition could be seen as a catalyst for change in the Des Moines and Iowa printing landscape, potentially leading to enhanced competitiveness, innovation, and a reconfiguration of the local print industry’s dynamics. While the full scope of its impact remains to be seen, such strategic acquisitions often bring about both challenges and opportunities for the industry and the community it serves.

National Expansion and Growth Strategy

Mittera Group’s acquisition of Trend Offset Printing’s assets signifies a strategic move in their national expansion and growth strategy within the printing industry. This acquisition is not merely an isolated transaction but a pivotal step in Mittera’s broader expansion plans across the national printing landscape.

By acquiring Trend Offset Printing’s assets, Mittera Group aims to consolidate its presence and augment its capabilities in the broader printing market. This digital communication strategies move allows Mittera to widen its geographic footprint and increase its market share in key segments. The acquisition aligns with Mittera’s strategy of growth through strategic acquisitions and expansions, aiming to strengthen its position as a leading player in the national printing industry.

National Expansion and Growth Strategy

Furthermore, the combined companies with new avenues for innovation, improved services, and enhanced operational efficiencies. Combining Trend Offset Printing’s assets with Mittera’s existing resources and expertise could result in synergistic effects, enabling Mittera to offer a more diverse range of printing services while tapping into new markets or client segments.

In essence, the acquisition reflects Mittera’s concerted efforts to expand its reach and capabilities, positioning the company for sustained growth and competitiveness on a national scale within the printing industry. This strategic move demonstrates Mittera’s commitment to its growth trajectory and solidifies its standing as a significant player in the evolving printing market across the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the customers of Trend Offset Printing will continue to work with the company even after the acquisition.

Fuse LLC and its partners provided investment banking services to the sellers in the M&A deal of Trend Offset Printing.

It means that Trend Offset Printing will enhance Mittera’s presence in retail as well as commercial printing services, and it will expand platform of digital and sheetfed printing capabilities.

Trend Offset Printing has been in operation since the 1950s and is considered one of the largest privately-held printing companies in the industry.

 Official announcements and press releases regarding the acquisition of Trend Offset Printing assets by Mittera can be found on PRNewswire and other relevant news platforms.


Uncovering the ownership of companies like Trend Offset Printing serves as a crucial insight into the industry’s dynamics.

While ownership details provide a glimpse into the strategic direction and leadership behind a printing giant, the continuous evolution of the printing landscape keeps the ownership narrative ever evolving. 

As Trend Offset Printing navigates through the currents of the print industry, its ownership remains an essential facet, portraying the entity’s direction and potential influence in the vibrant realm of print and publishing.

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