Redbubble Sticker Size

Do you want to make stickers for Redbubble that stand out? Knowing the Redbubble Sticker Size requirements is key.

I recently designed an extra-large sticker for Redbubble and learned a lot about what’s needed to create eye-catching designs. Redbubble offers four different scalings, from small to extra large, each with specific scaling.

You’ll also need to keep in mind image size requirements, filetype, color profile, and resolution when designing your stickers.

With these tips in mind, let’s explore how to design the perfect Redbubble sticker with WLO-USA!

Key Takeaways

  • Stickers on Redbubble are available in various scalings: small, medium, large, and extra-large.
  • The size of a sticker can be determined by clicking on the sticker and viewing the size guide.
  • The minimum image size requirement for stickers on Redbubble is 2800×2800 pixels.
  • Designers should keep scaling, format, color profiles, file types, and resolution in mind when designing stickers for Redbubble.

Sticker Sizes Available on Redbubble

You can find stickers in all Redbubble sizes on Redbubble background, from small to extra-large. With a few clicks, you can easily design eye-catching stickers for print.

To create the perfect sticker, pay attention to the image size requirements, file type (such as JPEG or GIF), color profile (CMYK or RGB) and resolution of your designs. The product dimension also matters – larger files make better prints.

And with each scaling option available comes a slight difference in scaling so it’s important to view the “size guide” before printing to ensure accuracy.

Make sure your designs meet all these criteria and you’ll have amazing prints that look great!

Sticker Sizes Available on Redbubble

How To Determine Your Redbubble Sticker Size

To determine the scaling of your desired design background, it’s recommended to click on it and check out the “view size guide.” You can make stickers for Redbubble in various sizes from small to extra-large text.

To make sure your sticker creations look great when printed, you’re needing to adhere to specific guidelines:

  1. Be aware of image size requirements (minimum 2800×2800 pixels).
  2. Format your files in CMYK for print or RGB for viewing online without copyright.
  3. Upload only JPEG, PNG, and GIF file types for upload. Don’t upload other filetypes.

Achieving these preconditions will ensure a good quality print that looks amazing on products sold through the Redbubble marketplace.

Therefore, be sure to read all the information before uploading your sticker creations!

Image Size Requirements for Redbubble Stickers

To ensure your designs look great when printed, you need to meet specific image size preconditions for Redbubble stickers.

When designing for the marketplace, make sure you have a minimum of 2800×2800 pixels in order to qualify your sticker creations. Bigger and higher-resolution files make better prints.

Additionally, when uploading your files, only JPEG, PNG, and GIF file types are accepted by Redbubble’s policy. For colors, CMYK works best for printed designs while RGB is better suited for viewing on media or social platforms.

Be aware of product dimension preconditions as well; different products like shirts or sticker packs can vary in size and may require other scaling than what would be needed for a single sticker design.

Keep in mind all these details when creating your perfect Redbubble work! With the right knowledge and preparation, you’ll have no problem selling beautiful stickers at an excellent quality!

Image Size Requirements for Redbubble Stickers

Other Requirements for Redbubble Stickers

As a designer working with Redbubble stickers, there are other preconditions to consider beyond the image resolution for Redbubble stickers to prevent undelivered Redbubble purchase.

I need to pay attention to the Dimensions and Format of my design. I also need to decide between CMYK or RGB Color Profiles and which FileType is best for my design — JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Ensuring that all of these elements meet Redbubble’s specifications will give me the best chance of creating an eye-catching sticker that will look great on products without account fees on Redbubble.

Dimensions and Format

When designing stickers for Redbubble, it’s important to consider Dimensions and Format to ensure a good quality print.

For bumper sticker creations, the minimum image size precondition is 2800×2800 pixels. Sticker designs should also be transparent with white backgrounds for maximum visibility.

Additionally, make sure your art or artwork is of a certain category that will be accepted by Redbubble.

A few more tips include choosing the CMYK color profile for printed designs, while RGB works best for viewing on a monitor. Filetypes should only be JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Resolution should always be high-quality.

Following these suggestions ensures your stickers will look great when printed and shipped out to your customers!

Color Profiles

Choose the right color profile for your sticker creations – CMYK for printed designs, and RGB for viewing on a monitor – to ensure they look great when printed.

You’re new to Redbubble? No problem! The best way to make sure your prints are of high quality is by selecting the right color profiles. It means you’ll need to know the difference between CMYK and RGB, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black).

CMYK is used during the printing process while RGB is used when images are viewed on monitors. To ensure you get the best print possible, use these two processes in tandem with each other.

Follow these steps and you’re guaranteed to create eye-catching stickers that meet Redbubble’s product dimension preconditions and privacy policy.

And don’t forget about using social media as an additional platform for showcasing your creations!

File Type

When uploading your files to Redbubble reviews, only certain filetypes are accepted. These include JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

For a quality print, make sure the file you’re uploading is big and high-resolution. Here’s a list of what to keep in mind when preparing your files:

  1. Don’t add any extra padding around the edges of your artwork as this can affect the final product size.
  2. Make sure the maximum width or height of the image doesn’t exceed 2800 pixels in either direction.
  3. Always save your images with CMYK color profile if you are printing on products such as stickers or t-shirts.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your design will be printed clearly and accurately on its desired product!

Now onto designing eye-catching stickers for Redbubble – let’s get started!

Designing Eye-Catching Stickers for Redbubble

Creating eye-catching stickers for Redbubble requires considering scaling, format, color profiles, filetype, resolution, and product dimension preconditions.

To ensure your designs look great on Redbubble products, it’s important to understand these preconditions. Redbubble prints stickers in sizes ranging from 7.6 x 7.6 cm up to a massive 35.6 x 35.6 cm. However, they must meet the minimum resolution size recommended by Redbubble.

For printed designs, the CMYK color profile works best, while RGB is ideal for viewing designs on a monitor. When uploading files, Redbubble accepts JPEGs, PNGs, or GIFs. High-resolution images will produce the best prints.

Additionally, product dimension preconditions should be taken into account as they determine the quality of your print.

Designing Eye-Catching Stickers for Redbubble

Frequently Asked Questions

I make stickers using Redbubble’s print on demand platform. I design images to meet the minimum resolution preconditions and select a size, format, color profile, and filetype for my designs. My stickers are printed in sizes from 7.6 x 7.6 cm to 35.6 x 35.6 cm with CMYK or RGB color profiles and JPEG, PNG, or GIF filetypes.

I can apply Redbubble stickers by clicking on the design, selecting my size, and then ensuring it meets the minimum image size preconditions. I’ll also need to keep Dimensions & Format as well as Color Profiles in mind, and upload files in JPEG, PNG or GIF format for best results.

Yes, you can customize the size of your sticker by clicking on it and viewing the size guide, ensuring it meets the minimum image resolution preconditions. Check scalings & format, color profiles, filetype, and product resolutions for a high-quality print.

The cost of a Redbubble sticker varies depending on the size and design you choose. Small stickers start at just $2, while larger sizes can go up to $7 or more.

Yes, Redbubble stickers are waterproof. They’re made with a protective laminate that keeps them safe from water, sun, and scratches. Plus, they won’t fade in the sun or wash off in the rain.


In conclusion, creating stickers for Redbubble is an exciting and rewarding experience. With the right knowledge of sticker sizes, image size requirements, and other product specifications, you can design eye-catching stickers that will stand out from the crowd – like a beacon in the night sky.

Plus, with the help of CMYK color profiles for prints and RGB for screen viewing, your sticker creations will be nothing short of amazing! All it takes is a bit of creativity and attention to detail to craft stunning designs that customers love.

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