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With over 2800×2800 pixel requirements for stickers, 1187×1852 pixels for phone cases, 4500 x 6000 pixels for posters, and more – it’s essential to know the right size when creating designs.

I’m here with this WLO-USA blog article to provide an in-depth guide on Redbubble Sizes and related factors so your selling items will look perfect every time.

Let’s start with one interesting statistic: over 8 million unique items are available on Redbubble!

Key Takeaways

  • Redbubble has specific pixel dimension requirements for different items such as stickers, phone cases, posters, etc.
  • Color profiles like RGB and CMYK should be used for vibrant and accurate colors depending on the item.
  • JPEG and PNG are the recommended file formats for optimal results on Redbubble.
  • Customers can refer to the International Size Chart and Redbubble Size Guide to ensure the right size and fit for their purchases.

Redbubble Dimensions and Format

As someone who has been printing on Redbubble for years, I understand the importance of color profiles, file types, and dimensions when it comes to achieving great print quality.

It’s essential that you use a color profile such as ‘RGB’ or ‘CMYK’ in order to ensure your colors look vibrant and accurate. Additionally, the file type should be either JPEG or PNG for optimal results.

Lastly, understanding the exact dimensions for each item is key in order to make sure your small design content fits exactly how you want it too. Unless your Redbubble order never arrived, seek out for help immediately!

Redbubble Dimensions, and Format

Color Profiles

You’ll need to check the Redbubble website for specific color profile information on each product. Every item has its own template, and it’s important to get this right so your design will print as expected.

Stickers should be designed in RGB mode, while phone cases require CMYK colors. Resizing can be done with the help of buttons and tri-blend fabric items have their own size chart for reference.

Pin buttons require an image size of at least 800×800 pixels and art prints must meet a minimum of 4500×6000 pixels. Digital assets need to be adjusted according to the product they are going to be printed on. This is key when dealing with Redbubble sizes!

All these details must be taken into consideration when creating a high-quality print that meets customer expectations.

File Types

When creating artwork for Redbubble, it’s important to know the file types accepted by the platform. PNG and JPEG are the most commonly accepted formats that can be used when uploading images to create a wide range of products – from pins and phone cases to t-shirt designs.

Using these formats takes your artwork to the next level of quality, enabling you to reach significant marketplaces like Redbubble.

It’s also important to use sizing images for Redbubble when uploading T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, etc., as that ensures proper fit and print quality on each product.

With all this knowledge, you’ll have no problem bringing your artwork into the world through one of today’s most popular Print on Demand platforms.


Choosing the right dimensions for your Redbubble design is key to creating a quality product that fits perfectly. For stickers, the minimum requirement is 2800×2800 pixels, phone cases 1187×1852 pixels and wall art 3840×3840 pixels. Table 1 below explains further the pixel dimension requirements for all Redbubble products.

ProductsMin Pixels
Phone Cases1187×1852
Wall Art3840×3840
Throw Pillows3225×3225
Tote Bags2400×3200

To maximize success with your Redbubble product, ensure you upload designs in high-resolution and don’t forget to add tags to make it easier for customers to find it. Making sure your design has the right dimensions will help you create a great print and assure a comfortable fit for customers.

Information about Redbubble Sizes

As an experienced Redbubble user, I know that size requirements vary from product to product. It’s important to understand the different sizes and use a conversion chart when ordering international scales.

Choosing the perfect size can be tricky, but with the help of a size guide, it’s easy to view product dimensions and get the right fit.

The Redbubble website has all the information you need about scales for various products so you can make sure everything skip fits perfectly!

Information about Redbubble Sizes

Rebubble Size Requirements

Redbubble scales are important to consider, as they determine the quality of the print and fit of the product.

A great way to get acquainted with sizing is by using a 3×4 table that displays sizing information for each product type from Envato Elements, Creative Fabrica, Redbubble customer feedback and ratings, Redbubble username modification guides, and Redbubble’s product return guidelines.

For example:

  • Stickers have a minimum pixel dimension requirement of 2800×2800 pixels
  • Phone cases require 1187×1852 pixels
  • Wall art needs 3840×3840 pixels
  • Throw pillows need 3225×3225 pixels
  • Tote bags 2400×3200 pixels
  • Posters 4500 x 6000 pixels

Graphic designers can also benefit from understanding Redbubble fees and affiliate partnerships. This comprehensive overview provides a great way to ensure customers receive high-quality products that fit perfectly – setting you up for success!

With this knowledge in hand, it’s time to dive into international size chart conversion.

International Size Chart Conversion

Continuing with Redbubble scales, it’s important to keep in mind that international scales may differ from what is available on the platform. To convert scales accurately and avoid additional costs, customers can refer to the International Size Chart which provides conversions for different countries.

Some customers may even opt for an affiliate program to help them find the perfect size without worrying about extra fees or delays. With all these options, customers can easily navigate their way through the Redbubble Size Guide and choose a product that fits their needs perfectly.

Now let’s look at how they can make sure they get the right fit every time.

How to Choose the Perfect Size

To get the perfect fit every time, you need to choose the right Redbubble size. Pixel dimensions for various items can vary from 2800×2800 pixels for stickers up to 4500 x 6000 pixels for posters.

Here are some key points to ensure a proper fit:

  • Check out the size guide to view dimensions.
  • Make sure your design file has enough resolution.
  • Pay close attention to printing and bleed area guidelines.
  • Keep in mind any additional requirements.

Knowing these tips will help you select the correct size of any item at Redbubble and guarantee quality prints and comfortable fits for customers. Ultimately, this helps create a successful experience when shopping with Redbubble.

Where To Find The Size Guide to View Dimensions

I’m here to tell you where to find the size guide for Redbubble items. It’s essential to check out the sizing information and guides when selecting which item is best for you. The Redbubble website has all of this info listed on their page, so you don’t have to look too far! Here’s a handy guide I created in table format:

ProductPixel Dimension Requirements
Stickers2800×2800 pixels
Phone cases1187×1852 pixels
Wall art3840×3840 pixels
Throw pillows3225×3225 pixels
Tote bags2400×3200 pixels
Posters4500 x 6000 pixels

Sizing Info by Redbubble Product

As an experienced shopper on Redbubble, I’m familiar with the importance of following the sizing info for each item. For Garments, Accessories, and Art Prints, there are varying pixel dimension requirements that need to be considered.

This ensures a good quality print and comfortable fit. Knowing these guidelines can help you choose the perfect size for any item on Redbubble.

Sizing Info by Redbubble Product


You’ll need to make sure your designs meet the standard pixel dimension requirements for garments like shirt and pant on Redbubble, which is a minimum of 2400×3200 pixels. To achieve this, you will need to:

  • Set the size of your design file accordingly.
  • Make sure that all important parts of your design are within the safe zone (including text).
  • Consider using a larger canvas than necessary.
  • Create at least two different versions of the same design with varying scales and aspect ratios.

This will help you to ensure that all customers can find their perfect fit and enjoy their purchase!

When it comes to accessories such as laptop skins and framed prints, different sizing requirements apply.


When it comes to accessories like laptop skins and framed prints, different sizing requirements apply. Here’s what you need to know:

ProductPixel Dimensions
Phone Cases1187×1852
Wall Art3840×3840
Throw Pillows3225×3225
Tote Bags2400×3200
Posters4500 x 6000

For a good quality print and comfortable fit, size matters! Check out the Redbubble website for more detailed information about the pixel dimension requirements for each item. Moving on from accessories, art prints offer another great way to showcase your designs.

Art Prints

Art prints offer another great way to display your designs, and they come in a variety of scales. From posters to framed prints, Redbubble scales can be tailored to fit any wall or space.

Here are some benefits of choosing art prints:

  • Quality materials: Redbubble uses high-quality materials and archival inks for a long-lasting print.
  • Customizable sizing options: Whether you want an A3 poster or a 40’x60′ canvas, you can customize the size of your art print to fit your preference.
  • A wide range of items: Choose from posters, framed prints, stretched canvases, metal prints, acrylic blocks, wood panels and more.
  • Affordable prices: Art prints start as low as $15 USD and are customizable depending on item size and material.

With all these options available to you, Redbubble’s art prints make it easy for anyone to bring their designs into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Redbubble ships internationally. They offer shipping to over 150 countries worldwide and provide tracking information so you can follow your order from start to finish. Shipping rates vary based on location and item size, but overall it’s a convenient and reliable option for international buyers.

I need to create a design with the appropriate pixel dimensions for the item I’m printing. To do this, I can reference Redbubble’s sizing information and guides online to find the perfect fit.

Yes, Redbubble offers discounts and promotions. I usually check their website periodically to stay up-to-date with the latest deals. They have special discounts for new customers and returning customers as well as seasonal sales and promotional codes.

The turnaround time for orders at Redbubble varies depending on the item and destination. Generally, it’s 2-7 business days from the moment of purchase until dispatch. Once dispatched, delivery takes around 3-9 business days.

Yes, Redbubble offers custom printing services for a range of purchasing items such as apparel, masks, jigsaw puzzles, laptop skins and more. Detailed information about pixel requirements can be found on the website.


In conclusion, Redbubble scales are essential for artist and customers to consider when uploading and printing designs on different items to shop. Knowing the right size can ensure a good quality print and comfortable fit, so it’s worth taking the time to research the pixel dimension requirements for each item.

While this may seem like a lot of information to take in at once, it will ultimately save you from potential disappointments or frustrations down the line. And if you ever have any questions about sizing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Redbubble’s customer service team – they’re always happy to help with privacy policy!

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