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As the sun sets on a new year, Redbubble New Fees is ushering in a change that will shake up the art world: introducing new account fees for Standard accounts.

With this sweeping move, I’ll guide you through how these fees for artists are calculated and applied, what benefits they bring to artists and customers alike, and how to delete or modify your account amidst these changes.

Buckle up – it’s time for an informative journey into the world of Redbubble pod!

Key Takeaways

  • Redbubble is introducing a new tier structure for artist accounts and an account fee for classified as either redbubble standard.
  • The subject to an account fee is a flat fee based on your monthly earnings and only applies if you make a sale.
  • Redbubble’s Premium and Pro accounts are exempt from the fee.
  • The fee structure ensures artists continue to earn a fair profit.

Redbubble new fees struture in 2023

Redbubble, in its aim to enhance platform features, recently introduced new fees. This decision is attributed to a variety of reasons, notably the rising operational costs and the ambition to expand into new markets.

However, this change has had a marked impact on artists, leading to a potential reduction in their overall profit. The community, ever vocal, expressed concerns about transparency and made multiple comparisons with old fees. Many have noted the percentage increase across different product categories.

Furthermore, for the buyers, these modifications hint at a possible increase in product prices, prompting them to be on the lookout for discounts and to alter their buying patterns. As Redbubble navigates these changes, it will be essential for them to heed feedback from both artists and buyers.

Account tiers

  • Redbubble has introduced three account tiers – Standard, Premium, and Pro – to better serve the artist community.
  • My understanding of the tier system is that it encourages passive income for artists while recognizing and rewarding their investment in the redbubble marketplace. This structure allows for a tailored approach to service and support that acknowledges an artist’s engagement with the marketplace.
  • The Standard tier has an associated fee based on monthly earnings, which helps Redbubble manage its costs as well as invest in features and tools beneficial to art society. No fee applies if no sales are made during a redbubble payment period.
  • Ultimately, this structure is aimed at making Redbubble a better marketplace for both artists and customers alike.

Account Fee

  • A flat fee based on monthly earnings applies to Redbubble Standard accounts, deducted from payments if a sale is made. This fee enables us to invest in the service, support, and platform features that help our artists grow.
  • For Premium and Pro accounts, this fee does not apply. To understand more about this fee structure and how it works, we need to explore the account tiers of Redbubble.
  • An example is provided to explain how the fee is calculated for Standard accounts, while competition analysis was also taken into consideration when setting up the pricing model.
  • To ensure transparency with our users when exploring artists of Redbubble or diving into Redbubble pricing, all fees are reflected in the monthly seller earnings email and records can be found on the new account tiers and fees page.

Calculation and Application Earnings Subscription

Fee breakdown for Redbubble users is calculated as a flat rate based on monthly earnings and only applies if a sale is made. To determine how much the fee is, I look at my Redbubble tiers status – Standard, Premium or Pro – which can be found on the Account Tiers and Fees page linked from my Artist Dashboard.

If an account will be classified as Redbubble Standard, then the fee is applied to my total earnings before payment each month. No fee applies if there are no sales during the payment period or if I am classified as Premium or Pro.

For example, if I make $100 in sales during a given month, then I’m charged a flat rate of 10%. This means that after deducting the account fee of $10 from my total earnings of $100, I would receive $90 in payments that month.

Additionally, if the final amount following deductions falls below the minimum payment threshold of $20, then any remaining balance rolls over to be considered for next month’s pay run. However, this only applies to new earnings above what was rolled over from previous months and not to existing rolled-over amounts.

A calculator with red buttons and a pen hovering above it to calculate and apply the new fees

Benefits and Actions Of New Fee Structure

  • By introducing the new tier structure, you can take positive actions on the marketplace and benefit from being recognized and rewarded for your investment.
  • This tailored approach to service and support encourages engagement with the platform, as well as growth potential through account classification based on activity and success.
  • With dedicated resources to help you move up through the tiers, Redbubble is better equipped than ever to serve its artist community.
  • Benefits include recognition of your work, improved customer experiences, access to exclusive features, improved support when needed, and rewards in return for your effort.

All these steps not only encourage artists but also create a more efficient marketplace for customers.

Steps to Delete or Modify Your Redbubble platform Account Amidst Fee Changes

With changes to account fees, you may want to delete or modify your platform account. Here are some steps to help you make the decision:

  • Consider your current activity on the platform – do you have active sales? Are you expecting more in the near future?
  • Assess any additional costs associated with new fees.
  • Review other marketplaces and compare their fee structure.

Before making a final decision, weigh up the pros and cons for each option and decide what works best for you. If needed, Redbubble Support can help walk you through the process of deleting or modifying your account.

We want everyone who uses our platform to receive fair compensation for their hard work, so we hope you stay with us as you are leaving the Redbubble platform!

A person with an open laptop, a hand hovering over a mouse, with a hand-drawn X on the Redbubble platform logo

Frequently Asked Questions

The account fee is based on monthly earnings and deducted from payments each month. If no sales are made in that period, there will be no fee.

Yes, the payment threshold for the account fee is always $20 USD regardless of currency type.

Yes, Redbubble Premium and Pro accounts are exempt from the account fee. Picture a mountain climber, reaching the peak with their hard work and dedication, to symbolize achieving these tiers – unlocking the rewards of exemption from this fee.

You can find your account tier on the Account Tiers and Fees page, which is linked from the Artist Dashboard. You’ll be notified when your tier changes, so you can make sure you’re taking advantage of all the benefits.

No additional costs, just the chance to access exclusive features and rewards. It’s like a gateway, unlocking potential for even greater success on Redbubble.


In conclusion, Redbubble has offered an innovative way to support independent artists and provide customers with a great shopping experience. The new fee structure helps ensure that artists are fairly compensated for their work, while also allowing Redbubble to invest in services and tools that benefit everyone.

So don’t stress too much – sure the fees may be annoying, but they’re all for the greater good! Just remember: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade… or a t-shirt.

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