Finding the Right Redbubble Image Size For Your Products

Are you looking to create stunning designs for Redbubble? Knowing the importance of image size and resolution is key! According to a recent survey conducted by the company, about 70% of customers are unsatisfied with their printed products due to low-resolution images.

But don’t worry – in this article, I’ll show you how to resize redbubble image size and prepare them for print so that your artwork stands out.

Key Takeaways

  • Image resolution and DPI are important factors to consider for optimal print results
  • Higher DPI allows for more flexibility in print adjustments and better print quality
  • PPI is important for screen viewing and determining the appropriate print size based on DPI
  • Following printer recommendations ensures optimal print resolution and quality.

Understanding Redbubble Image Size Requirements

As a designer, it’s important to understand the optimal redbubble image sizes. It’s necessary to know how to resize an image for Redbubble, as well as which Canva size for Redbubble works best.

I’ve researched and gained experience in this area, so I’m confident that I can provide helpful insight on this topic.

canva size for redbubble

As an experienced designer, I understand the importance of creating designs that will look great on Redbubble products.

To ensure that my designs have the best possible quality, I like to use Canva and Procreate with the ideal canvas size for Redbubble in mind.

By understanding what sizes work best on optimizing designs using redbubble templates, I can make sure my designs look their very best!

Best Procreate canvas size for Redbubble

You need to understand image resolution and printing to create the best Procreate canvas size for Redbubble. Knowing DPI and PPI is key because they affect how prints turn out.

  • Following printer recommendations helps ensure optimal resolution. Having a high DPI gives more flexibility for print size adjustment, while PPI can be used to determine target sizes.
  • Consider using a higher DPI/PPI for better quality printing on large formats like Redbubble products.

Keep a master file with high resolution so you can easily adjust and export it whenever needed!

resize image for redbubble

To resize an image for Redbubble, you’ll need to consider the DPI and PPI of your image and follow the printer’s recommendations for optimal resolution.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Aim for a high DPI/PPI to ensure better print quality.
  • Have a master file with high resolution to allow for easy export of recommended sizes and resolutions.
  • Target size is more important than exact pixel dimensions.
  • Follow printer recommendations to guarantee optimal print results.

Resizing Your Images for Redbubble

Knowing the importance of image resolution and printing is key when resizing images for Redbubble.

  • To ensure optimal print quality, you should use high-resolution images between 300 DPI and 600 DPI.
  • Using a higher DPI allows for more flexibility in print size adjustments.

A 3 column and 3 row table in Markdown format can be used to target different print sizes depending on the viewing distance:

Viewing DistanceDPIPrint Size

It’s important to follow the recommended printer settings as they are best suited for each setup. Taking the printer’s recommendation ensures optimal print resolution, so your designs look crisp and professional when printed on popular products on redbubble.

Preparing Images for Print

Preparing images for print requires understanding the importance of resolution and printing in order to achieve optimal results.

  • Image resolution affects print quality, so it’s important to aim for a higher DPI/PPI when creating designs. Following printer recommendations ensures high-quality prints, while having a master file with high resolution allows for easy adjustments and exports.
  • Pixel dimensions are more important on screens than DPI, but both should be considered when targeting specific print sizes. Taking the time to research and learn about these factors can save time and effort down the road.

Ultimately, understanding image resolution is key for achieving desired visual impact and print quality.

An open laptop with a ruler beside a Redbubble print, measuring the length and width of the image

Making Your Artwork Stand Out

By understanding how resolution and printing affects artwork, you can make your designs stand out.

  • DPI and PPI are important considerations for optimal print results. Higher DPI allows for more flexibility in adjustments, while higher PPI ensures better print quality. It’s best to follow printer recommendations for the best results.
  • Having a master file with a high-resolution image also helps with easy exports and size adjustments when needed.
  • Keeping an eye on the target size is key for making your artwork stand out. Aim to have as many pixels as possible in your design, which will create sharp and clear images that will impress viewers.

Taking the time to understand resolution and printing will help ensure you have stunning prints every time!

Frequently Asked Questions

When uploading to Redbubble, accepted file formats include JPG, PNG and TIFF. Aim for high resolution images in order to get the best quality prints. Make sure that your image is at least 150 DPI/PPI for optimal printing results.

To ensure my artwork is printed in high quality, I recommend using a resolution of at least 200 pixels per inch (PPI). This will help ensure that the details and colors come out as clear and vibrant as possible. Additionally, by following the printer’s recommendations and creating a master file with high resolution, I can easily export images for optimal print results.

The maximum image size that can be uploaded to Redbubble varies by product. The recommended DPI is 300 or higher, while the maximum file size is 20MB. It’s important to use high resolution images for optimal print quality.

To achieve the best print quality for my artwork on Redbubble, I strive to upload images with a minimum resolution of 150DPI. Remembering this old adage, ‘quality over quantity’, will ensure my prints are beautiful and clear.

To ensure my artwork is suitable for various products on Redbubble, I recommend researching the best DPI and PPI values for each product. Additionally, creating high-resolution designs and following printer recommendations can help achieve optimal print quality.


Wrapping up, understanding and following Redbubble’s image size requirements is essential for creating beautiful designs that will look great when printed. Resizing images correctly ensures they will be of the highest possible quality, while preparing them for print allows you to make adjustments and exports with ease.

With the right tools and techniques, you can make your artwork stand out! But remember: resolution matters, so aim high to achieve a stunning result that’ll leave your customers in awe.

Now go forth and create something amazing!

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