Redbubble Fees For Artists, Account Tier In 2023

Feeling like you’re being charged too much for your Redbubble account? You’re not alone. With its complex tiers and fees, it can be hard to understand what you’re really paying for.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Redbubble fees so that you can make sure you get the best deal possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Account tiers and fees are implemented to encourage positive behaviors and investments by artists on Redbubble.
  • Redbubble Standard, Redbubble Premium, and Redbubble Pro are the three tiers available for artists on the platform.
  • Moving from Redbubble Standard to Redbubble Premium or Pro requires meeting certain criteria and demonstrating success as a seller.
  • Redbubble Standard accounts are subject to a monthly account fee based on their earnings, while Premium and Pro accounts are exempt from this fee.

Redbubble Fees Structure Platform Overview For Artist & Designer 2023

You can learn more about fees and earnings on redubble platform and how they’re calculated, as well as the differences between the three tiers, in this introduction to Account Tiers and Fees.

Fees help invest in demand and maintain marketplace health, improving product quality while increasing artists’ chances of reaching an audience. The flat fee is based on monthly earnings and only applies when a sale is made; no sales mean no fee charged.

All accounts are classified as:

  • Redbubble Standard
  • Redbubble Premium
  • Redbubble Pro

With criteria like account activity, success as a seller, incorporating relevant trends into unique style, and following guidelines considered.

Invitation to join the Pro tier is reviewed annually for top sellers who have proven track record to create unique work loved by customers.

Fee table shows the brackets; fees charged in selected currency. Self-purchases not included in monthly earnings but Teepublic’s margin & base prices should be accounted for.

With that info, we can look closer at what ‘account tiers and fees’ means for artists on Redbubble.

Account Tiers and Fees

  • Account tiers and fees on Redbubble are designed to reward positive engagement from artists and maintain marketplace health.
  • Redbubble offers three tiers: Standard, Premium, and Pro. Each tier is determined by account activity, success as a seller, and adherence to community and content guidelines.
  • To reach higher tiers, artists need to establish a personal brand, create unique content, and promote their work through social media. As artists grow their audience, they have the opportunity to reach Premium or even Pro status.
  • Account pricing and earning on redbubble’s platform are based on monthly earnings. If there are no sales, no fee is charged. This encourages society to invest in art while helping Redbubble build a healthier marketplace for both customers and independent artists.
  • With these tools and incentives in place, artists can confidently move forward and calculate their fees.

Calculating print-on-demand Fees

  • Calculating your monthly fees is based on the total earnings of your account. This includes any markups you may have set for products and Redbubble artist fees.
  • The fee structure is a flat percentage and only applies if a sale is made during the month. You can view the fee table in the Artist Dashboard to see how much you will be charged at each earnings bracket. (see is Redbubble a legitimate option?)
  • There are no fees charged if there are no sales made during the period, which starts from May 1st and ends on the last day of the month.
  • Additionally, self-purchasing artist sales are not included in calculating monthly earnings or fees.
  • As you review this information, consider how it will impact your business decisions moving forward as you continue to grow as an independent artist on Redbubble.
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Visibility of Fees

  • Fee visibility is key to understanding your account fees. With a holistic view of your account activity, the Redbubble dashboard provides clear information on the tiers and fees. It also includes a fee table showing how much you’ll pay each month.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive monthly remittance advice emails reflecting your account fees, as well as historical records of all past payments.
  • This transparency gives you insight into how well your investments are paying off, so you can make informed decisions. From there, it’s easy to apply these fees and understand how they work for you.

Applying Redbubble Print-On-Demand sites Fees

  • Applying your account fees is an important step in understanding how they work for you.
  • The fee structure is based on monthly earnings and only applies if a sale is made, so no sales mean no fee charged.
  • The fee table shows the brackets, and the account fees are charged in the selected currency.
  • If your final payment amount is below the monthly threshold of $20, then it rolls over to the next month with just new earnings subject to a fee.
  • Reclassification during a month won’t incur fees either, however the tier at pay-run determines them.
  • Fees are visible in remittance advice emails and on the Account Tiers page of your Dashboard.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to achieve a higher account tier you must demonstrate positive engagement with the marketplace, create unique content and develop a personal brand. Generating sales and promoting through social media are also key factors in achieving a higher tier.

Yes, Redbubble Pro accounts can be downgraded to Standard if they don’t meet the criteria for the tier. This includes not following community and content guidelines, failing to create unique content, or not making enough sales.

Ready to be surprised? Accounts are holistically reviewed multiple times a year. Engagement with the marketplace, following guidelines, and success as a seller all factor into reclassification.

Yes, there is a minimum payment threshold of $20 to receive earnings. If the final payment amount is below this amount, it will roll over into the following month.

Tax deductions depend on the country you’re in. Generally, account fees may be deductible; speak to a tax advisor to find out for sure.


You understand the ins and outs of Redbubble fees, from account tiers to fee tables.

You’ve seen how fees are calculated, visible to customers, and applied to accounts.

But most importantly, you recognize the role these fees play in creating a more attractive marketplace for customers and independent artists alike.

With this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the fees of Redbubble with ease – ensuring your success as an artist is always right around the corner.

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