Redbubble Account Fee

Imagine creating your own artwork, sharing it with the world, and earning money while doing so. With Redbubble‘s print-on-demand platform, that dream can become a reality – but there is a cost associated with it.

The Redbubble Account Fee is an essential part of using the service to its fullest potential, and it’s important to understand how it works in order to make the most of this exciting opportunity. Thus, let’s read on with WLO-USA to learn now!

Key Takeaways

  • Redbubble introduces account fees to help artists and attract customers, enabling artists to increase margin and selling success.
  • There are three main Redbubble account tiers: Standard, Premium, and Pro, each offering different features and commission rates.
  • The artist account fee is calculated based on monthly earnings and is deducted from total earnings before monthly payment is processed.
  • The new account fee structure simplifies payment understanding and planning for artists, but it may also result in a reduction in monthly earnings.

Reasons Behind Redbubble Account Fee

You’re probably wondering why Redbubble is introducing account fees. It’s to help artists and make the marketplace more attractive to customers.

With new account tiers, Redbubble offers an improved payment period, artist margin, and refund policy explaining how to sell on Redbubble.

The base price of products remains the same, but artists will be charged a flat fee. This fee is designed to increase their total earnings through positive engagement with monthly earnings.

The new fee structure consists of three main Redbubble account tiers: Standard Accounts, Premium Accounts, and Pro Accounts. Each tier has its own unique features along with a new account fee. This fee will enable artists to increase their margin and overall selling success on Redbubble.

Reasons Behind Redbubble Account Fee

Account Tiers for Artists on Redbubble

You’ll find three different levels of artist accounts on this platform, each with their own unique benefits.

The first is Redbubble Standard—this free account allows artists to create a profile, upload artwork, and start selling.

With Redbubble Premium, you can access the Artist Dashboard, which provides insights into your sales data and other metrics.

Lastly, Redbubble Pro offers exclusive features like shop talk groups and access to the Redbubble blog.

All tiers require that you follow the content guidelines and keep up with the community updates to get the most out of your account.

The differences between these three tiers are vast—from fee structures to marketing tools—so make sure to read up before deciding what’s best for your art career!

Differences Between the Three Tiers

The three tiers of artist accounts on this platform have vastly different benefits, so it’s important to consider what works best for your art career.

Redbubble Standard is the entry-level tier, with no fees to join and a 15% commission rate on sales.

Premium membership comes with additional features like free shipping options and promotional opportunities, as well as a 12% commission rate.

For those who want the most out of their Redbubble account, Pro offers exclusive insights into society trends and analytics, plus an 8% commission rate.

How much you make with each tier depends on how you use the platform – explore Redbubble’s return policy details and Redbubble refund policy explained for more Redbubble returns information.

Read through Redbubble’s ratings and testimonials to see which option is right for you.

Differences Between the Three Redbubble Tiers

Artist Account Fee

You can easily calculate your artist account fee based on your monthly earnings.

For example, if you sold products worth a retail price of $300 and made $75 in total during a payment period, the account fee would be calculated from that total and be a flat rate of $28. That amount is deducted from your total earnings before your monthly payment is processed, so your actual payment amount would be just $47.

This new system makes it simple for artists to understand their payments and plan accordingly.

Now let’s discuss the impact of this new fee structure.

Impact of the New Account Fee

Understanding how this new fee structure affects your earnings is important. Here are five key points to consider:

  • Artists have a single account fee regardless of how much they earn each month.
  • The fee is discounted for higher earners.
  • Monthly earnings will be reduced due to the account fee.
  • It’s essential for artists to understand their net income after the deduction of the fee.
  • Redbubble has made changes that could affect artists in both positive and negative ways.
Impact of the New Red Bubble Account Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Redbubble offers discounts on account fees. You can take advantage of promotional codes and referral credits for reduced rates. Join their newsletter to stay updated on the latest deals!

Wow! You’re considering taking the plunge and getting a Redbubble account, but you’re not sure which one is right for you? Don’t worry – take a deep breath, relax and consider your options. Look at each tier’s features and find out which fits best with your needs. It’s that simple!

Yes, there may be additional charges associated with your Redbubble account. These fees can include processing and shipping costs, as well as any applicable taxes. Be sure to review the Terms & Conditions carefully before signing up for an account!

No, there’s no way to upgrade without the account fee. But with over 8 million users, Redbubble is one of the biggest print-on-demand sites out there! So, it’s worth it for the access to amazing products and services.

Yes! Having a Redbubble account provides access to exclusive discounts, free shipping on select orders, and the ability to follow your favorite artists. You can also track order history and save favorite products for easy re-ordering. Plus, you can join the vibrant community where you can discover new artwork and engage with other art lovers.


Understanding the Redbubble account fee is essential for all artists wanting to make the most of this great platform. While it may seem like an extra expense, it’s a necessary one that allows for maximum utilization of features and functions.

With three tiers offering different levels of service and access, you can select the plan that best fits your creative needs. Regardless of which tier you choose, be sure to factor in the artist account fee when budgeting for your artwork-selling endeavors – it’s a crucial cost and will ultimately lead to prosperous profits!

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