printify publishing error

Printify publishing error refers to any faults or issues that may occur during the process of using the POD service for trying to publish my product from Printify and printing personalized merchandise. Printify is an online platform that allows users to create and sell customized merchandise such as t-shirts, phone cases, bags, and more through partner copying providers.

The POD service is top ecommerce platforms for print on demand for custom merchandise creation, but it is not immune to mistakes. In this article, Cheryl G. Harris will point out common faults in Printify upload.


  • The Printify Publishing Error, a usual concern for many users, originates from multiple causes such as technical glitches, user oversight, or network disruptions.
  • This challenge, however, has potential solutions like rolling out software patches, offering detailed user training, or upgrading the existing infrastructure.
  • Unfortunately, the error often results in adverse consequences for businesses, leading to delayed publications, significant loss of revenue, and a tangible decrease in user trust.

5 Common Printify publishing Error

Below is a list of 5 usual faults during upload on Printify:

  1. Misalignment of Colors 
  2. The challenges On eBay, Etsy, Shopify store
  3. Smudged Prints
  4. Typos in the Final Product
  5. Communication faults between the POD service and the supplier
Printify publishing Error

how to use print on demand with Etsy printify in the upload process on Printify, it is important to thoroughly check the content, use high-quality pictures, and check before and after publishing to ensure accurate picture cropping and synchronization when getting your designs live on Printify.

Misalignment of Colors 

Misalignment of Colors in the POD service Publishing error refers to the challenge where colors are not accurately aligned during the process of using Printify’s services for uploading and copying personalized merchandise. 

Misalignment of Colors
  • Misalignment of design elements: The colors in the design are not properly aligned, resulting in elements in the design not matching or being symmetrical as expected. 
  • Color shifting: The colors printed are not accurate compared to the original colors in the design. This can occur when the copy system is not calibrated correctly or due to faults in the copying process. 
  • Color inconsistency: Lack of consistency in colors within the same merchandise or between different merchandise. This can happen due to differences in the copying process or inconsistencies in color calibration between printers. 
  • Color banding or gradation challenge: Colors are not displayed smoothly and seamlessly, but instead have color bands or uneven transitions from one color to another.
  • Color misregistration: Colors are not copied in the correct position, resulting in elements in the creation not being accurately aligned with each other. 
  • Color distortion: The copy colors are distorted or changed compared to the original colors in the design, leading to inaccuracy and loss of aesthetic appeal.

The Problem On eBay, Etsy, Shopify store

Below is a list of challenges when registering products on eBay, Etsy, and Shopify:

  • Image upload faults: The product picture could not be uploaded or the picture is not displayed correctly on the product page.
  • Product description faults: The merchandise description is not displayed correctly or is not formatted correctly on the listing.
  • Pricing problem: The merchandise price is not displayed correctly or is not calculated correctly when adding to the cart.
  • Category error: The correct category cannot be selected for the product or the merchandise does not appear in the selected category.
  • Payment problems: The customer has difficulty paying or cannot complete the payment process.

Smudged Prints

Smudged stamp faults in Printify upload may be related to inaccurate or blurred copying of your product. This is a challenge that you need to address to ensure the copying quality of the final product. 

Smudged Prints make Printify Publishing Error
  • Blurred or unclear copying: Printed graphics are not sharp or blurred, reducing copying quality. 
  • Stains on copy products: Stains and unwanted marks appear on the copy surface after copying. 
  • Smudging: Copyingink that does not dry completely and smudges when it comes into contact with another surface or material, blurring or clouding the copy graphic. 
  • Wrong copy configuration: The copy configuration on the POD service upload is incorrect, causing faults during the copying process. 
  • Poor ink quality: Using poor quality ink, causes challenges such as fading, smudges, or smudges during the copying process.

Typos in the Final Product

Typos in the final product mean that the final item after copying on the POD service contains spelling faults.

  • Typos and misspelled words: Ensure accurate listings with no typos or misspelled words to avoid confusing customers and potentially impacting sales. 
  • Incorrect information: List accurate details in descriptions, shipping details, and graphics to increase customer engagement and trust. 
  • Integration process mistakes: Be cautious during the integration process with the POD service to avoid typos. Review each product page for accuracy to provide clients with precise and professional listings. 
  • Frustration with flawed copy: Mistakes like misspelled words or improper punctuation in copies are frustrating and lower the overall quality. They reflect poorly on the creator and leave a negative impression on buyers.

Communication faults between Printify and the supplier

Communication faults in the POD service publish a product is when there is a challenge during the communication process between the POD service and the copying supplier.

  • Lost connection: A connection cannot be established or maintained between the POD service and the copying supplier, resulting in the inability to transmit necessary data and details. 
  • Faults in information transmission: details transmitted between the POD service and suppliers are incorrect, including item details, size, color, or missing important details. 
  • Timing and synchronization challenges: Lack of synchronization or timing mismatch between the POD service and suppliers, leading to untimely or inconsistent upload across sales platforms.

Resolving Printify Publishing Mistakes

Misalignment of Colors

  • Double-check the color settings and ensure they are correctly configured in Printify upload. 
  • Verify that the artwork file or artwork has been properly aligned and centered before uploading it to the POD service. 
  • Contact the printer or supplier to address the challenge and request a recopy or resolution.

Problem on eBay, Etsy, Shopify Store

  • Review the Etsy listings and shipping profiles on your POD service Etsy store or respective eCommerce platforms (e.g., eBay, Etsy, Shopify) to identify and rectify any faults or inconsistencies, troubleshooting Printify’s Etsy issues, or resolving Printify’s eBay issues.
  • Update the item details, pricing, shipping details, and images as needed. 
  • If there are specific challenges related to manually entering product data between the POD service or syncing automatically between the POD service and your eCommerce platform, contact their respective buyer aid teams for assistance.

Smudged Prints

  • Check the copying equipment and ensure it is functioning properly. If necessary, clean or maintain the printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Confirm that the artwork file is of high resolution and suitable for copying. Low-resolution graphics can result in poor copy quality. 
  • Verify that the copying process follows the recommended guidelines and that the appropriate copying materials are used. 
  • Contact the copyer or supplier to report the challenge and request a recopy or resolution.

Typos in the Final Product 

  • Before uploading the creation file to the POD service, carefully proofread and double-check for any spelling or typographical faults. 
  • Utilize creation software with spelling and grammar verification features to catch any mistakes. 
  • If the faults are discovered after the product is copied, contact the printer or supplier to discuss potential solutions, such as a refund, reprint, or Printful discount troubleshooting Printify-Woocommerce issues.

Communication faults between the POD service and the Supplier

  • Reach out to the POD platform of the buyer assistance team to report the communication faults and provide specific details about the challenge. 
  • If possible, provide any relevant screenshots or documentation to assist your claim. 
  • Printify’s support team can assist in resolving the communication faults by liaising with the supplier on your behalf to ensure effective communication and problem resolution.

Frequently Ask Questions

Use top-notch duplicate supplies and equipment to prevent color misalignment in your copy merchandise. Additionally, double-check your initiative files for any mistakes or inconsistencies before using them.

You should contact their consumer support immediately. They will assist you’re resolving the concern and provide options such as a reprint or refund.

To make sure Cheryl G. Harris can post a product from the POD platform that can’t run smoothly with no typos when trying to upload the final result, carefully review the initiative and text before send submitting it. Verify spelling, punctuation, and formatting again to catch any mistakes that could appear when using them.

To prevent mistakes, double-check your merchandise details, including spelling and grammar. Ensure your initiative is properly aligned and sized. Preview the result before setting it up to catch any mistakes and make necessary corrections.

Common methods for resolving the POD eBay mistakes include checking for any missing or incorrect data, verifying the compatibility of files and formats, clearing cache and cookies, updating software and plugins, and reaching out to customer support for assistance.


It is evident that effective communication is essential in both personal and professional relationships. Without clear and concise communication, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise, tips for print on demand with printify. It is crucial to actively listen, express thoughts and feelings honestly, and be open to feedback.

By implementing these strategies, individuals can foster stronger connections and resolve challenges more efficiently. Therefore, mastering effective communication skills should be a priority for everyone. 

Attention on this topic the POD upload community: Whether you click to post, edit, or upload your production from the POD platform, it’s crucial to pay full attention. Don’t fail to notice potential faults. Watch quick tutorials, learn from emails, and seek support at the beginning to ensure a successful experience.

If you have similar questions or order difficulties with your account, with Printify and Printful, or want to connect and read genuine Printify user reviews, please contact us through the address at to get help, you’ll get help as soon as possible. We always accompany you at any time you need.

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