Printify Listing On Etsy, Step-By-Step Guide to Sell on Etsy with Printify

We’ve all heard the success stories of people making a living selling their products on Etsy, but did you know that almost half of all Etsy sellers are now using Printify’s print-on-demand services?

The combination of Printify and Etsy makes it easy for sellers to list their designs without having to invest in inventory or worry about shipping.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using Printify on Etsy and provide a tutorial for setting up your own Printify Listing On Etsy.


  • Etsy sellers looking to diversify their product offerings often utilize Printify for creating and managing their listings on the Etsy platform. With Printify’s seamless integration, sellers can effortlessly connect their account to Etsy, enabling a streamlined process for adding new products to their Etsy store.
  • This integration serves as a powerful tool for sellers aiming to expand their reach and attract a broader audience on Etsy. By incorporating Printify’s extensive catalog and customization options, sellers can enhance the variety and uniqueness of their offerings, ultimately boosting their visibility and sales in the Etsy marketplace.
  • This strategic use of Etsy listings exemplifies the synergy between innovative e-commerce solutions, efficient platform management, and a diverse product catalog that caters to the preferences of customers.

Printify Listing On Etsy Tutorial

Let’s delve into the process of establishing a Printify listing on Etsy. Begin by connecting your store, and then proceed to create a new listing and make custom products. Welcome to the Etsy community, they’ll ensure timely order fulfillment and tracking sales are pivotal for success, and here’s a step-by-step guide to inform of everything you need to know!

Printify Listing On Etsy Tutorial

1. Register and Select Your Items

Initiate the process by effortlessly creating your Printify account, a seamless task that consumes only a few minutes of your time. After setting up an account, delve into Printify Catalog of products available on Printify, meticulously curated to offer a plethora of options perfectly suited for your store. Customize and sell custom products like t shirts, phone cases through a straightforward process and see what it’ll look like once printed. If you are looking for more check out Printify Premium.

Printify is super diverse with a selection of over 850 products for your business on Etsy, spanning from premium-quality apparel and accessories to versatile home goods and vibrant party supplies. Choose one of the print-on-demand products that print providers from Printify network provide ensures that you’ll discover the ideal matches that resonate with your brand and cater to your unique customer base.

2. Tailor Your Product and Product Information 

Personalize your selected products effortlessly using their complimentary design tool, the Mockup Generator. Unleash your creativity by uploading your unique designs or crafting new ones through their user-friendly graphics, custom text editor, or seamless integration with Shutterstock.

Tailor the placement of your designs and explore various additional variations offered to help Etsy sellers. Furthermore, take a moment to carefully review the details provided in our product descriptions as well as store banner and fine-tune them to align with your target shoppers on Etsy, ensuring your offerings resonate effectively with your market when you put up a number of products to sell on Etsy and start selling products.

3. Connect Your Store and Showcase Your Items.

Navigate to  Printify dashboard and click on “My new store” in the top right corner. Add a new store by selecting Etsy from the list of integrations and granting access to Etsy shop with Printify. 

Congratulations, your shop is successfully connected to your account, streamlining your print-on-demand journey.

 4. Include Printify as a manufacturing partner

Within your store, go to the Production Partner settings and click on “Add a new production partner.”

In the Production Partners section of Etsy’s Shop Manager Settings, provide the following details:

  1. Production partner: Printify 
  2. Location: Wilmington, DE, United States of America
  3. About production partner: Order fulfillment platform
  4. About your partnership: They do everything for me.

By adding Printify as a production partner Etsy, you ensure that your orders are seamlessly routed for Etsy and Printify for fulfillment.

 5. Concentrate on Marketing 

With your products bundle now successfully displayed on the marketplace and they’ll efficiently managing your orders, from printing to shipping, you don’t have to worry and gain the freedom to concentrate on marketing your brand, like Etsy SEO, Etsy shop name and products for successful Etsy shop.

Let Printify makes maintaining an inventory, acquiring shipping labels, production and shipping, shipping rate, drop shipping and shipping costs hassle free. Printify integrates seamlessly and Printify sets shipping fee profiles for each listing details. Should you desire, you can later customize Printify shipping to suit your POD products.

Maximize your product visibility by setting up ads Etsy using Printify, promoting your items in search results, Category, and Market pages on both their website and app.

Leverage the power of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to initiate targeted ad campaigns when using Printify with Etsy for products offered in your Etsy production, showcase your products, and actively engage with your customer base. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded strategy for successfully establishing and growing your online business.

Benefits of Using Printify on Etsy

You’ll benefit from the integration with its low cost and wide variety of products.

Plus, customers can choose from a selection of high-quality Printify products that are sure to make an impact!

Tips for Selling Products on Printify to Etsy

Selling on Etsy can be a lucrative venture, provided you navigate the platform strategically. Here are some valuable tips to enhance your business synergy.

Tips for Selling Products on Printify to Etsy
  1. Keep Listings to a Minimum: Quality often surpasses quantity. Instead of overwhelming your store with an excess of items, focus on curating a thoughtfully selected product range. This not only streamlines your inventory management but also allows you to dedicate more attention to each product, optimizing your chances of sales success.
  2. Focus on a Niche: In a vast marketplace, finding your niche is key. Identify a specific theme, style, or category for your products that aligns with your passion and has market demand. A niche approach makes your store stand out, attracting customers interested in unique, specialized items.
  3. Research Your Competitors: Understanding your competition is crucial. Analyze successful shops within your niche. Identify their bestselling products, pricing strategies, and customer engagement tactics. This research provides valuable insights to help you position your store effectively and differentiate yourself from competitors.
  4. Set Clear Policies: Establishing transparent policies on Etsy with print-on-demand is fundamental to building trust with your customers. Clearly outline shipping, return, and refund policies on your store. This ensures a positive customer experience, fostering trust and encouraging repeat business.
  5. Set Your Goals: Define your business objectives and set achievable goals. Whether it’s reaching a specific sales target, expanding your product range, or increasing customer engagement, having clear goals provides direction and motivation. Regularly reassess and adjust your goals based on evolving market trends and your business growth.

Making profits requires a strategic approach. By minimizing displaying, focusing on a niche, researching competitors, setting clear policies, and establishing goals, you can enhance your store’s visibility and success in the marketplace.

Printify and Etsy Integration Troubleshooting

If you encounter difficulties publishing your products on Etsy Printify, read on to learn common reasons that may be causing the issue.

Printify and Etsy Integration Troubleshooting
  1. Store Activation:
    • Ensure your store is activated by completing the following steps:
      • Set your store preferences (store name, country, currency).
      • Complete the ID verification process.
      • Add your payment information (payment method).
      • Set up billing (Etsy print on demand fees payment).
      • Establish shop security (enable two-factor authentication, which can be adjusted later).
      • Create at least one item on Etsy (can be deleted later).
      • Activate your shop by clicking “Open your shop.”
    To check if your store is activated, input the store URL in a web browser (while not logged in). Access indicates an active store. Note: If you exited the onboarding flow before completing the final step, go to Shop Manager, click Add more listings → Open your shop, and republish any products.
  2. Renew Connection Token:
    • Renew your connection token if you changed your account password. Click “Renew token,” log in to your Etsy account, and previously published products won’t be affected.
    Note: Ensure you are signed into the correct store with the token issue if you have multiple connected stores.
  3. Shipping Profile Compatibility:
    • Integration supports shipping profiles with fixed prices, not calculated prices. Ensure your selected shipping profile uses fixed prices or create a new one to proceed with product publishing.
  4. Deactivated Listings:
    • Publishing fails if a previously published product is deactivated (violating Etsy policies). They will email you explaining the removal.
  5. Live Store:
    • Ensure your store is live; publishing fails if it’s in Vacation Mode or inaccessible for other reasons. Check store access by inputting the store URL in a browser (while not logged in).

For further assistance, contact the Support Team, ready to help you navigate and resolve any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a variety of products, including t-shirts, mugs, accessories, wall art, and more. You have the ability to customize many aspects of our products for a unique look and feel.

It costs nothing to create a listing. However, you will be charged a fee for each sale made through your store. Fees vary depending on the product and payment method used.

They offer fast, reliable shipping options to help you reach customers quickly. Their team is experienced in handling the intricacies of international markets and provides streamlined processes for hassle-free delivery. 

Yes, they offer marketing support for your shop. They provide tools and resources to help you promote your shop and drive more traffic to your store.

We’ve helped thousands of sellers successfully launch their online stores. You only pay for the products you sell – no additional fees or commissions. That’s why so many entrepreneurs trust us to help them succeed!


We’ve learned that selling on Etsy with Printify’s print on demand service is a great way to grow your business. It takes the hassle out of inventory and order fulfillment while providing you with access to a wide range of products and customization options.

As they say, time is money, and using Printify’s tools to display your items can save you both. Plus, it’s easy to set up – like a dream come true!

So don’t wait any longer; take the plunge today and watch your business soar like an eagle!

If you have any questions or would like to read more about what users say about Printify, or how to know ways for running a print-on-demand business, Kindly drop them at to get help. We’re happy to accompany all of you anytime you need.

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