Printful Where Do They Ship From? Print-On-Demand Shipping Regions

Do you know Printful Where Do They Ship From? You’re in luck! From the United States and Canada to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand – Printful has you covered. With fast fulfillment times, 17 currencies accepted, taxes charged in 45 states plus VAT for EU orders, duty paid shipping options – Printful is here to make sure your order is hassle-free.

Plus, they offer multilingual customer support and return policies for a seamless shopping experience. Let’s explore what Printful has to offer!

Key Takeaways

  • Printful has fulfillment centers worldwide, ensuring no shipping delays for international orders.
  • It is important to factor in Printful-POD’s fulfillment time of 2-5 business days and shipping speed when calculating delivery time for customer orders.
  • Printful accepts 17 currencies, allowing for seamless transactions and customization of paying currency in the Printful Dashboard.
  • Import taxes and duties may apply for international orders, and it is crucial to research and understand the tax regulations of the target market, as well as inform customers about potential additional costs.

printful where do they ship from?

When exploring Printful’s shipping origins, one finds that these originate from various warehouses around the globe. Each warehouse’s location is chosen based on strategic factors like proximity to major markets and efficient logistics networks.

Furthermore, Printful’s selection of a specific shipping point for a customer’s order is influenced by criteria such as product type, stock availability, and delivery costs. Importantly, feedback from customers plays a significant role in the company’s decisions about potential adjustments to their shipping practices.

As an on-demand printing and fulfillment company, Printful Inc. has fulfillment centers all around the world. You can choose the one that best fits your shipping needs.

Shipping costs vary depending on the distance between our facility and your customers’ location, but with exploring Printful’s main office you can trust that all-over shirts, jacket, mugs, hoodies, apron, sweatshirt, legging, swimwear and other printful products will arrive quickly and in great condition.

Our experienced team is also knowledgeable about taxes and duties for international orders, so you don’t have to worry about any additional fees or unexpected surprises when selling internationally.

With Printful, you’ll have access to a reliable Printful’s global fulfillment hubs that takes care of inventory management, order tracking, customer support, product syncing, and more!

Fulfillment and Shipping

As a business owner, I’m very familiar with the importance of understanding fulfillment and shipping when it comes to my customers.

International vs domestic shipping, flat rates vs live rates – these are all important factors to consider.

With Printful, I can rest assured that orders will be fulfilled quickly and shipped with reliable shipping carriers, both domestically and internationally.

Flat rates simplify things while live rates provide more accurate pricing for international customers, so I need to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

International vs. domestic shipping

International Shipping Considerations

International Shipping ConsiderationsDetails
Fulfillment Center Locations– Printful has fulfillment centers worldwide, so you need to consider international shipping options.
– Locations may affect shipping rates and delivery times.
Customs Fees and Taxes– International shipping rates may differ due to customs fees and taxes.
– Customers may face additional costs upon delivery.
– Research tax regulations in the target market to inform customers.
Reliable International Carriers– Printful collaborates with trusted carriers for international shipments.
– Focus on reliable carriers for smooth international deliveries.
Currency Personalization– Customize the paying currency through Printful’s dashboard to accommodate international customers.
Import Taxes and Duties Estimation– Printful provides resources and tools to help estimate import taxes and duties for international orders.
– Consider offering duties paid shipping options for a smoother customer experience.

Domestic Shipping Considerations

Domestic Shipping ConsiderationsDetails
Fulfillment Center Locations– Printful has domestic fulfillment centers, ensuring faster shipping within the country.
– Location can affect shipping rates and times for domestic orders.
Speed and Convenience– Domestic shipping is generally faster and more convenient for customers.
– Suitable for customers with urgent needs.
Tax Regulations for Target Market– Investigate tax regulations in the domestic market before selling domestically.
– Comply with local tax laws and inform customers about any applicable taxes.
Informed Decision-Making for Shipping Prices and Speeds– Understanding Printful’s domestic operations is essential for pricing and selecting shipping speeds for domestic orders.

Flat rates vs. live rates

Choosing between flat rates and live rates for shipping can be a tricky decision.

Flat rate shipping is a fixed cost that you set yourself, while live rates are calculated based on the customer’s location and package size.

Using Shopify, you can easily choose which option works best for your business:

  • Flat Rate Shipping: You can set one rate for all orders, or personalize different rates based on size and weight. You have full control over pricing and delivery times.
  • Live Rates: Automatically calculate shipping accurate shipping prices in real time, using carrier rates from UPS, USPS, DHL Express, etc. This offers customers more flexibility when choosing their preferred delivery service.

Payment and Currency 

As a business owner, I understand the importance of setting my store’s default currency to cater to my target market. Thankfully, Printful accepts 17 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and more. I can easily personalize my paying currency in the Printful Dashboard, which provides clarity on pricing and currency for seamless transactions.

Additionally, I have the option to offer multiple currency options if feasible. This allows me to cater to a wider range of customers and make their shopping experience more convenient.

  • One helpful feature is that the production price is automatically shown in my paying currency. This eliminates any confusion or guesswork when it comes to calculating costs and ensures that I have a clear understanding of my expenses.
  • Furthermore, it’s crucial for me to understand potential taxes and duties when selling internationally. By being aware of these additional costs, I can provide my customers with transparency and help them know what to expect.

Overall, having access to all this information and functionality not only simplifies the customer experience but also helps me maintain a healthy profit margin.

Taxes and Duties For print-on-demand online store

As a business owner, it’s important to understand the tax regulations of the target markets you are selling to.

Depending on where your customers are located, you need to be aware of potential additional costs such as import taxes and duties.

  • For example, in the US, sales tax applies to orders fulfilled in the US and shipped within the US.
  • For orders shipped to a customer in the European Union, VAT applies.
  • For orders fulfilled and shipped within the UK, VAT rates vary by order value.
  • Norway has a simplified VAT scheme called VOEC.
  • Switzerland has its own consumption tax called Swiss VAT which operates similarly to EU’s Value-added Tax system.
  • Liechtenstein follows this same regime.
  • Additionally, Canada may have different requirements depending on what province or territory you are shipping to.
A close-up of a hand holding a package with a customs label, with a stack of printed invoices and international coins in the background


If you’re selling to customers in the US, Printful has fulfillment centers in the states and offers domestic shipping.

Here’s the provided content converted into a table format:

RegionSales Tax/VAT RatesAdditional Information
United States (45 states)Varies by state, county, city, and districtSales tax applies to US orders shipped within the US
European UnionVAT (Value Added Tax) appliesInternational orders shipped to EU customers
United KingdomUK VAT appliesDomestic orders within the UK
Norway25% VAT (VOEC scheme)Exceptions for marketplace fees and high-value orders
that may require customs fees or taxes upon delivery
Switzerland and LiechtensteinConsumption tax based on Swiss regulationsApplies to both countries’ rules for imported goods

European Union

Continuing on with our exploration of Printful-POD’s shipping locations, let’s take a look at their operations in the European Union (EU).

  • All orders shipped to customers in the EU are subject to Value-Added Tax (VAT), and rates vary depending on the country. The Union One-Stop Shop (OSS) is available for VAT compliance across all EU countries.
  • Non-EU businesses selling to the EU must register as VAT payers and comply with local regulations.
  • In the UK, VAT applies to orders fulfilled and shipped within its borders, with a rate of 20% if under GBP 135; orders over that amount are exempt from VAT but subject to customs duties.
  • Norway uses a simplified system called VOEC, charging 25% VAT for all orders going there unless certain exceptions apply.
  • Switzerland has a consumption tax similar to EU’s value-added tax system, while Liechtenstein follows Swiss regulations.

It is important for sellers to research relevant taxes and duties when expanding into new markets like the EU!


  • You’ll need to charge 20% VAT on orders under GBP 135 when shipping to the UK. This applies to orders fulfilled and shipped within the country.
  • For orders over GBP 135, they are exempt from VAT but may be subject to customs duties.
  • If you’re registered as a taxpayer in the UK, you’ll be charged 20% VAT on domestic orders. However, if your business is based outside of the UK, any VAT charges for orders shipped there will be your responsibility.
  • Make sure customers know about these taxes and fees prior to purchase so they understand what they might be paying extra for post-delivery.
  • To avoid additional costs, consider offering a duty paid shipping option. Alternatively, look into registering as a VAT payer or explore the Union One-Stop Shop (OSS) for simplified compliance in the EU region.
  • Either way, stay up-to-date with changing tax regulations and inform customers accordingly, Printify UK shipping durations for seamless transactions.

Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

  • VAT rates in Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein differ from the UK’s 20% on orders under GBP 135. Printful charges 25% VAT, but exemptions may apply for marketplaces or registered businesses.
  • In Norway, Printful charges VAT on all orders going to the country at 25%. However, those selling through a marketplace or who are registered taxpayers may be exempt.
  • For Switzerland and Liechtenstein, their own consumption tax – Swiss VAT – operates similarly to EU value-added tax systems.
  • In the UK, Printful only charges 20% VAT on domestic orders over GBP 135 where customers pay customs duties instead.
  • As an international seller making sales in the US, I’m also obligated to pay sales tax.
  • With so many different regulations across borders, it’s important to keep up with them and ensure customers understand any potential additional costs they might incur upon delivery.


For Canadian customers, Printful offers fulfillment centers in the country, ensuring fast domestic shipping with no delays.

CountryShipping Time
US2-5 business days
Canada1-4 business days (domestic)
UK/EU3-6 business days (domestic)
Australia/NZ/Asia Pacific4-7 business days (domestic)

The currency of choice can also be personalized to cater to Canadian customers. All orders shipped by Printful are subject to applicable taxes and fees. Additional services like duties paid shipping are available for a smoother customer experience.

Australia and New Zealand

Printful has fulfillment centers in Australia and New Zealand, meaning orders can be shipped domestically with no delays. This is a great way to cater to customers in these regions, as they won’t have to worry about customs fees or shipping times.

Here are a few more benefits of having fulfillment centers in Aus and NZ:

  • Faster Shipping Times: Regional product collections allow for faster delivery times.
  • Trusted Carriers: Printful works with trusted carriers in each region.
  • Tax Compliance: Sales tax and VAT regulations are taken care of by Printful.
  • Local Support: Customers enjoy multilingual customer support services from local teams.

With the help of Printful, businesses can easily break into the Australia and New Zealand markets without worrying about order fulfillment, inventory management, or taxes.


Printful’s presence in Japan mean orders can be fulfilled and shipped domestically, providing customers with faster delivery times without worrying about customs fees.

  • The production price is automatically shown in the paying currency chosen by the customer, which may differ from the currency you charge on your storefront.
  • Domestic VAT and distance selling thresholds also apply to orders shipped to Japan from outside of the country. These factors need to be taken into consideration.
  • Sales tax applies to orders fulfilled in Japan and shipped within its boundaries. However, registered taxpayers may be subject to different rates depending on their location.
  • Printful charges 25% VOEC (Value Added Tax) on all printful orders going to Norway. This can be exempted if a Norway VAT ID is provided.

Knowing this information beforehand will ensure seamless transactions for customers when purchasing products from your store, regardless of their location.


When selling on Printiful in South Korea, it’s crucial to understand taxes and duties. Products are fulfilled on-demand and shipped globally, with the shipment’s price dependent on the product price and the shipping method chosen.

  • Printiful offers several shipping methods, such as standard shipping and express shipping. While standard shipping is more affordable, express shipping ensures faster delivery.
  • Depending on the order value and product category, such as home decor, baby bibs, or baby bodysuits, countries like Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, San Marino, Slovakia, and Slovenia might apply separate shipping and customs fees.
  • Online business owners using platforms like Wix, WooCommerce, Ecwid, or Launch Cart should ensure their online store has a calculator to estimate these fees. This ensures customers on your storefront are aware of any additional costs they might have to pay.
  • Charlotte, a demo user, noticed fewer cart abandonments in her online store after clarifying these frequently asked questions.
  • When orders contain products from different product categories, it’s essential to note that customers might have to pay customs fees, especially if they choose shipping methods available for manual orders.

Reading related articles or checking white-label solutions can help clarify this for every order at the order checkout.


You should communicate return procedures to your international customers and consider offering return labels for a smoother customer experience. When it comes to returns, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Research and understand the tax regulations of the target market.
  • Inform customers about potential additional costs.
  • Provide resources or tools to help customers estimate import taxes and duties.
  • Consider offering duties paid shipping options for a smoother customer experience.

Ensuring clarity on all procedures can lead to a more seamless transaction with your international customers. It also helps manage expectations, making sure they have an enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish.

Printful Ecommerce Platform Customer Support

  • Offering multilingual printful help center is essential to ensuring a positive shopping experience for international customers. Training support staff to handle inquiries and concerns from different countries is a key aspect of providing seamless customer service.
  • Utilizing translation tools or services can help bridge language barriers, allowing for effective communication. It is important to prioritize timely response times when answering questions or resolving issues.
  • Providing clear communication channels for customers and upfront information regarding returns and refunds is crucial. If possible, offering return labels can help facilitate a smoother return process.
  • Being prepared to assist customers with any difficulties they may face during the return process is also important.

By implementing these measures, customers worldwide can have confidence in receiving the highest quality service.

Printful Ecommerce Platform Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Printful does not offer same-day shipping. Products typically print and ship in 2-5 business days, depending on the product and location. Shipping time should also be factored in for international orders.

Yes, I can change the currency of my orders with Printful. Through their Dashboard, I can customize my paying currency and production prices will be automatically shown in that currency. Taxes and duties may apply, but I have access to multiple currencies for a seamless transaction.

Printful accepts 17 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and more. You can customize the paying currency in the Printful Dashboard and multiple payment methods are available.

I can track my order with Printful’s user-friendly dashboard. It provides real-time updates on the status of my order and estimated arrival times.

Yes, there may be additional fees for international orders, such as import taxes and duties. Be sure to research and understand the tax regulations of the target market, and inform customers about potential costs.


Printful is an amazing fulfillment service that makes ordering a breeze. From their fast shipping times to their customer support, they really have it all!

They even provide resources and tools to help you calculate the shipping, taxes and duties, so you can rest assured that your order is being taken care of every step of the way.

In short, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient fulfillment solution, Printful should be at the top of your list!

If you have any questions or would like to read more about what users are saying about Printful, or how to know ways for running a print on demand business, Kindly drop them at to get help.

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