Printful Us Hq Information In 2023

As I stand in front of Printful US HQ, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’m reminded of the company’s remarkable achievements since its founding in 2013.

From on-demand printing to warehousing and shipping services for online retail businesses, Printful-POD has grown to become a leading player in the ecommerce fulfilment industry.

It offers an array of products and design services at competitive rates along with reliable customer service and support.

As I step inside, I’m greeted with a sense that this company is here to stay.

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A detail Overview of Printful US HQ Company

The heart of Printful operations is strategically located at its address in the United States, offering both geographic and logistical advantages.

The infrastructure of Printful-POD US HQ boasts a range of cutting-edge facilities that streamline operations. Centralized at this headquarters, key executive leadership teams make vital decisions that shape Printful’s global operations and strategies.

Furthermore, the Research and development departments drive innovation from within this hub, reinforcing its significance in the broader company network.

Printful-POD US HQ, located in Charlotte, NC, utilizes JavaScript and cookies to improve user experience and adhere to data protection laws. The headquarters profile, situated on Westlake Dr., is where employees of professionals collaborate to meet customer needs.

JavaScript and cookies are used to enhance website functionality, store user preferences, and optimize site performance. Proper cookie management is employed for optimal website speed. Additionally, security measures are implemented to ensure the safety of customer info online.

With a fulfillment center in Coppell, TX, Printful-POD US HQ serves over a million customers worldwide.

Products Offered

Printful-POD, a privately held US company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, serves over 1 million customers around the world and is backed by private equity investments.

  • The printful-POD warehouse offers a wide selection of living items that can be printed including custom clothing, phone cases, mugs, bags, cut & sew products, brand and accessories. Customers have access to an expansive array of customizations such as colors, sizes, and logos.
  • Printful’s comprehensive product list from basic t-shirts with standard designs to luxury items such as hoodies made with premium fabrics. Other popular items include hats and scarves, which can be customized with embroidery or prints.
  • They also offer eco-friendly garments made from organic cotton or recycled materials for those who are conscious about their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, Printful-POD has recently launched custom 3D printing services for creating unique products like figurines or jewelry pieces.

Design Services

  • You can get creative and have Printful-POD design custom products for you, from t-shirts to 3D printing. With over a million unique product combinations, Printful-POD is well equipped to meet any of your design needs.
  • Our Dallas, TX central location of Printful operations is home to a team of professionals dedicated to creating top-notch designs quickly and efficiently.
  • We also have fulfillment company that helps operating in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia so we can deliver your custom purchases anywhere in the world.
  • From logo creation services to creative direction consultation; from 3D printing services to digital art production; our team has the expertise needed for high-quality output that meets all your requirements.
  • Our online tools make it easy for you to create unique products with confidence knowing that every design will be printed perfectly every single time.
A stack of printful us hq business cards, in a variety of colors and designs, against a white background, with an emphasis on the unique design services offered

Fulfillment centers

  • You can trust Printful-POD to deliver your custom purchases anywhere in the world. Printful’s key distribution centers are located in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
  • Our reliable and efficient services are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for your business needs. We specialize in purchase fulfillment with quick turnaround times. This means you can rest assured that your customers will receive their orders on time.
  • Our award-winning customer service team is available round the clock to answer any queries or concerns you may have about our fulfillment services. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support.
  • With top-notch quality control standards, we guarantee that all products meet high-quality standards before being shipped out. This ensures that your customers receive only the best products.
  • We also offer a range of tracking options so you can easily keep tabs on your purchases as they make their way to customers around the world. This allows you to stay informed and provide updates to your customers as needed.

Pricing and Payment

We offer competitive pricing and a variety of payment options to meet your needs. Our Printful-POD US HQ fulfillment solutions are designed to be flexible and cost-effective for every type of business.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Competitive prices on all products, including t-shirts, hoodies, posters, mugs, phone cases, and more.
  • A wide selection of payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe.
  • Convenient shipping options with our trusted partners like USPS and FedEx for domestic or international purchases.

We understand that finding the right pricing structure can make or break a business, so our experienced team is here to help you find the best solution for your needs!

a stack of coins with a price tag, a calculator, and a credit card

Customer Service and Support

  • Contact dedicated customer service and support, you can rest assured that your purchases will be managed quickly and hassle-free.
  • Printful-POD US HQ offers an extensive range of services to ensure its customers’ satisfaction. Their knowledgeable and experienced team is available 24/7 to help with any queries or issues. They offer live chat, email support, phone calls as well as a comprehensive FAQ section on their website.
  • All customer inquiries are responded to within 24 hours during business days or the next business day otherwise. They also provide detailed tracking info for each purchase so customers can monitor their progress in real time.
  • At Printful-POD US HQ, they strive to make sure every customer has a great experience with their products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I offer international shipping. With a variety of delivery options, customers can have their purchases shipped anywhere in the world. Advanced tracking and insurance are available as well for added peace of mind.

Yes! My experience with custom product designs has been great. Using Printful-POD US HQ, I’ve been able to create unique, eye-catching designs that make my products stand out.

Yes, bulk purchases are eligible for discounts. I can provide more information about the available discounts and requirements upon request.

My experience with services like this suggest that free offerings are rare. However, bulk purchases may come with discounts or other benefits, so it’s worth researching options.

Yes, Printful-POD US HQ offers quality and delivery guarantees. They guarantee that products will be made of the highest quality materials and arrive on time. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


I’m amazed by the work Printful is doing at their US HQ. They offer quality products, design services, and fulfillment solutions at competitive prices – all backed up by great customer service and support.

Plus, they’re continually innovating to stay ahead of the curve. What really stands out to me is their impressive track record: over 6 million orders shipped since 2013! That’s a testament to their dedication and success as an ecommerce fulfilment company.

If you have any questions or would like to read more about feedback on Printful services, or how to know ways for running a print on demand business, Kindly drop them at to get help.

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