Printful Shipping: Print-On-Demand Ecommerce

Printful shipping offers a hassle-free order fulfillment experience for businesses of all sizes. With their reliable and efficient shipping services, you can rest assured that your products will be delivered to your customers in a timely manner.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Printful, which is why they prioritize timely delivery. Whether you’re selling t-shirts, hats, jackets, towels, sweatshirts, hoodies, or any other custom products, unique customization options in Printful’s products have product category every order option to meet your needs.

From branded packaging to personalized notes, you can create a unique unboxing experience for your customers. 

Printful also takes pride in their streamlined shipping process, ensuring that your orders are processed and shipped out quickly and efficiently. 

With Printful shipping, you can focus on growing your profit while their group take care of the logistics.


  • Printful, a leading print-on-demand fulfillment service, offers a range of shipping costs to meet diverse business locations.
  • The shipping times vary based on the chosen method, allowing businesses to manage customer expectations effectively.
  • International shipping is also available, expanding the reach of your online store.
  • For businesses, Printful’s shipping services is seamless, enabling an efficient order fulfillment experience, and users can often track their shipments, providing peace of mind.

Printful Shipping Cost

You might be wondering who will be covering the shipping cost of one shipping. Since Printful charges a flat rate from your product price when you make a sale to cover your shipping expenses, there are 4 ways that you can setup different shipping rate for your products to not lose any profit using Printful’s design services and tools:

  1. Let your customers pay the for the cost: you can simply charge your customers the full shipping price at checkout, you can choose to show the full price of the flat rate, this is the easy way to cover the shipping expenses.
  2. Lower the shipping cost: another way to get the shipping costs covered is to lower the shipping price and add it to your retail price, say your product is 30.00 and the shipping cost is 3.99 you have the ability to change it to 32.00 and 1.99 shipping to appear more appealing.
  3. Offer free shipping: Alternatively, you can make the shipping fee free based on your customers loyalty and add the cost to your product total to make your product even more of a good deal.
  4. Set up live shipping rate: This is a way to calculate the shipping costs based on certain address and countries all-over the world. For example, if a customer makes an order in Australia and we have a partner facility near it the shipping cost will be lower than our flat rate. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, the live rate goes up if the facility is further away. This option is only available when using one of Printful integration with ecommerce platform such as Shopify, Woocomerce, Ecwid and Launch Cart.

Timely Delivery For Customer Satisfaction

Get ready to impress your customers with timely delivery that will leave them satisfied and coming back for more! 

At, the importance of delivering on time to ensure customer satisfaction. They have developed an efficient shipping system that allows them to ship products to the shipping destination in a timely manner. 

Printful’s estimated delivery time (EDT) is a prediction for when the delivery will be made. Take a look at a simple formula we use to determine EDT: 

Timely Delivery for Customer Satisfaction

For all production methods, products such as shirts, t shirts, aprons, leggings, baby bodysuits, swimwear, baby bibs, or fabric have the typical timeframe for processing orders of between 2 and 5 business days.
When determining the estimated time for processing the order, take into account the current order value and their ability to fulfill them. Similarly, calculate the estimated shipping time based on various past shipping data for deliveries to the destination or the region. 

With Printful commitment to timely delivery, you can rest assured that your customers will receive their orders promptly, enhancing their overall shopping experience. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to impress your customers with our reliable and efficient shipping services.

 Interational Shipping

When you run an online store, you’re not limited by location. Almost anybody can find you from anywhere—it doesn’t matter that they’re not located where you are. You can reach potential customers around the world, which is great for expanding your audience and fans.

Running an ecommerce business gives you the advantage of being geographically unrestricted.  This global accessibility allows you to broaden your customer base and attract admirers from different parts of the world. But selling to customers in a different country comes with some extra responsibilities.

Reliable and Efficient Printful Shipping Services

Printful operates fulfillment centers globally. There establishments are situated in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latvia, and Spain. Additionally, collaborative facilities in Japan, Brazil, and Australia. Consequently, if you opt to expand your business to any of these countries and select to vend the items they manufacture from their nearby fulfillment centers, they will utilize domestic shipping methods to transport your merchandise, if they don’t have a facility in your customer’s destination country, they will ship your product from the nearest facility aboard.

Tracking The Shipping Process

Our streamlined shipping process ensures that your orders are delivered quickly and seamlessly to your customers. 

We understand the importance of tracking your delivery, and that’s why we have optimized our shipping process to minimize any delays or complications. 

Streamlined Shipping Process

Once your purchase is prepared for delivery, we pass it to the carrier and forward a shipping confirmation email to you along with a tracking number. By clicking on that number, you can access the most recent information regarding the whereabouts of your shipment on our tracking page.

Alternatively, you have the option to navigate to the Orders section on your Dashboard, access a completed order, and select the option See tracking on our tracking page. In the event that you integrate Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or Squarespace, your clients will be directed to this page instead of receiving individual carrier tracking links. 

 In addition to having convenient access to shipping information, the order tracking page is white-label. This presents an opportunity for you to:

  • Incorporate your logo
  • Include links to your online store
  • Encourage customers to explore your social media platforms
  • Provide your contact information

 Customers also have the option to sign up for our email alerts in order to receive real-time updates regarding their shipments.

If you have any problem regarding your store’s shipping, you can contact Printful help center, whether it be incorrect tags or wrong default currency or problems with your shipping carriers or customers might see different pricing.

With our streamlined shipping process, you can trust us to handle your orders with speed and minimalize your cart abandonment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The international shipping options available through printful include standard shipping and express shipping. These options allow customers to choose the most suitable method based on their preferences and delivery time requirements.

Yes, you can track your order once it has been shipped. Printful provides tracking information for all orders, allowing you to monitor the progress and delivery status of your package.

There are no additional fees for using Printful’s fulfillment services. They offer a transparent pricing structure with no hidden costs. You only pay for the products and shipping fees associated with your order.

Typically, it takes Printful a certain amount of time to process and ship an order. The exact duration may vary depending on factors such as order volume and production times.

If your order gets lost or damaged during shipping, you can contact Printful’s customer support for assistance. They will help you resolve the issue and either send a replacement or provide a refund.


In conclusion, Printful offers a hassle-free and efficient order fulfillment experience with reliable shipping services. 

Their timely delivery ensures customer satisfaction, while customizable packaging options add a personal touch to each order. 

With a streamlined shipping process, Printful makes it easy for businesses to manage their shipping needs. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to sell merchandise, Printful’s shipping services are a reliable and convenient choice.

If you have any questions or would like to read more about how users rate printful’s services, or how to know ways for running a print on demand business, Kindly drop them at to get help. We’re happy to accompany all of you anytime you need. with us to get help.

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