Offset Printing Vancouver: Comprehensive Prices

At the heart of Vancouver dynamic printing landscape is offset printing, a versatile technique that stands as a beacon, offering a spectrum of options to breathe life into your creative visions. Each print is a testament to the commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, making your projects stand out with a distinctive touch.

It’s more than just a printing service; offset printing Vancouver is an immersive journey into a world where attention to detail, a rich palette, and dedicated service redefine your entire printing experience. 

Let your projects speak volumes in the language of colors and precision, elevating them to a realm of excellence unique to Vancouver’s printing landscape.


  • Offset printing in Vancouver stands as a dynamic industry blending advanced technology and artistic precision.
  • In this bustling city, numerous printing establishments employ cutting-edge offset printing presses to craft an array of materials. 
  • The vibrant and diverse community in Vancouver benefits from a range of printing services encompassing brochures, magazines, newspapers, and catalogs.
  • These printing processes intricately weave together skilled technicians, complex machinery, and innovative technologies, resulting in visually stunning prints that captivate the audience.
  • The synergy between expertise, functionality, and visual appeal defines the offset printing landscape in Vancouver, where every print job becomes a testament to the city’s commitment to excellence and creativity.

Offset Printing Vancouver: Online Companies Services & Prices

Offset Printing Vancouver: Online Companies Services & Prices

Welcome to the dynamic scene of Offset Printing in Vancouver, British Columbia where craftsmanship and innovation are provided to redefine the printing needs from concept to completion. In this bustling city, the artistry of digital and offset printing seamlessly integrates with the unmatched precision of offset techniques. 

Vancouver’s vibrant palette finds expression in high-quality prints, ushering in a new friendly era of possibilities for businesses and clients alike.

Embark on an exploration of Offset Printing in Vancouver, anticipating a journey through a wide range of printing services that epitomize excellence. From promotional printing, sticker vinyl, business cards, banners, paper posters and emboss to private art galleries that leave a direct lasting impression to brochures that tell compelling stories, each print bears the hallmark of quality synonymous with offset technology. 

As you navigate through the list below, you’ll find not just items but a commitment to excellence, ensure your vision a tangible reality with a touch of affordability.

Print Print


4/4 BrochuresSize5001,2502,500 PRICE BREAK5,00010,00015,00020,000
4/4 on 100lb Text8.5 x 11$800$850$900$1200$1500$1800$2100
4/4 on 100lb Text11 x 17$1000$1050$1150$1550$2050$2550$2900


4/0 PostersSize5001,2502,500 PRICE BREAK5,00010,00015,00020,000
4/0 on 100lb Text8.5 x 11$800$850$900$1200$1500$1800$2100
4/0 on 100lb Text11x 17$850$950$1150$1425$1975$2425$2775

Envelope and letterhead:

Envelopes & Letterhead5001,0002,5005,0007,50010,00015,00020,000
1 color$149$169$229$320$428$570$670$770
2 color$179$199$259$373$499$601$725$895

Plastic card:

Plastic CardsOptions1-100101-250251-500501-10001001+
1 color1 Side$1.50 each$1.40 each$1.30 each$1.20 each$1.10 each
1 color2 Sides$1.75 each$1.50 each$1.40 each$1.30 each$1.20 each
2 colors1 Side$1.75 each$1.65 each$1.55 each$1.45 each$1.40 each
2 colors2 Sides$2.00 each$1.90 each$1.80 each$1.70 each$1.60 each
Full color (CMYK)1 Side$2.25 each$2.00 each$1.75 each$1.50 each$1.40 each
Full color (CMYK)2 Sides$2.60 each$2.40 each$2.20 each$2.00 each$1.75 each

Explore for comprehensive insights into their extensive stock range, printing techniques and transparent pricing details.

Whether seeking information like packaging method, specific ink color printing (white, metallics, pantone or pms, foil, custom CMYK) or a quote, delve into a world of printing production with their customer service.

East Van Graphics

Offset Card Stock Pricing

Business Cards3.5×2$79$99$139$199$319
Postcards – Standard4×6$149$195$295$395$595
Postcards – Large5×7$219$295$450$595$995
Hand Cards3×4$99$139$225$325$525
Trading Cards2.5×3.5$99$139$225$325$525
Greeting Cards4.25×5.5, 4×6 or 4.5×6 (folded)$275$390$490$690$1050

Flyers, Sheets & Brochures Pricing:

QuantitySizeFlyers Color Front with no backSheets color Both SidesBrochures color Both Sides with trifold

Full size pole Poster


Stationery: Letterhead & Envelopes Pricing

QuantityLetterhead (8.5×11) 70 lb House StockLetterhead (8.5×11) 70 lb Linen#10 Envelopes 70 lb House Stock#10 Envelopes 70 lb Linen

Offset Presentation Folders Pricing

QuantityGloss or satin AQ finishGloss UVGloss or Matte Lamination

Complete your projects with finesse by exploring East Van Graphics website. Uncover impeccable final polishing services, turnaround fulfillment, bond reproductions and color time with throughout pricing provided by their team for a perfect finishing touch.


 Letter size:

LETTER SIZE color NO BLEED1-99100-250251-9991000+
24lb 96B$0.30$0.25$0.22$0.18
70lb Book Matte$0.35$0.30$0.25$0.20
80lb Book Matte/Gloss$0.40$0.35$0.30$0.25
100lb Book Matte/Gloss$0.45$0.40$0.35$0.30
60lb Card Stock Uncoated$0.50$0.45$0.35$0.30
80lb Card Coated/Uncoated$0.55$0.50$0.40$0.32
100lb Card Coated/Uncoated$0.65$0.58$0.50$0.38
12pt Card Coated/Uncoated$0.70$0.60$0.50$0.40


11×17 color NO BLEED1-99100-250251-9991000+
24lb 96B$0.55$0.35$0.27$0.23
70lb Book Matte$0.60$0.45$0.32$0.28
80lb Book Matte/Gloss$0.85$0.70$0.60$0.55
100lb Book Matte/Gloss$1.00$0.85$0.70$0.60
60lb Card Stock Uncoated$1.00$0.85$0.70$0.60
80lb Card Coated/Uncoated$1.25$1.00$0.85$0.70
100lb Card Coated/Uncoated$1.50$1.25$1.00$0.75
12pt Card Coated/Uncoated$1.75$1.50$1.25$1.00

12×18/ 13×19:

12X18/13×19 color1-99100-250251-9991000+
80lb Book Matte/Gloss$1.00$0.80$0.60$0.55
100lb Book Matte/Gloss$1.25$0.90$0.75$0.65
80lb Card Coated/Uncoated$1.25$1.00$0.85$0.70
100lb Card Coated/Uncoated$1.50$1.25$1.00$0.75
12pt Card Coated/Uncoated$1.75$1.40$1.25$1.00

Business cards:

Business Cards 2″ x 3.5″ | 4/050100250500100015002000
14pt coated/uncoated$25.00$32.00$40.00$48.00$70.00$90.00$110.00
16pt coated/uncoated$35.00$35.00$45.00$60.00$90.00$115.00$155.00
Business Cards 2″ x 3.5″ | 4/150100250500100015002000
14pt coated/uncoated$30.00$40.00$45.00$60.00$80.00$135.00$140.00
16pt coated/uncoated$35.00$45.00$55.00$70.00$110.00$140.00$170.00
Business Cards 2″ x 3.5″ | 4/450100250500100015002000
14pt coated/uncoated$35.00$42.00$50.00$70.00$120.00$150.00$185.00
16pt coated/uncoated$40.00$45.00$55.00$80.00$130.00$170.00$210.00
Business Cards 2 x 3.5 inch50100250500100015002000
18 Pt Kraft Paper$35.00$40.00$60.00$90.00$140.00$170.00$210.00
16pt Silk Laminate | 3-4 Lead Days – Corner rounding $20 per 500 – $20 min$50.00$65.00$90.00$110.00
20pt Soft Touch Laminate | 3-4 Lead Days – Corner rounding $20 per 500 – $20 min$60.00$90.00$130.00$200.00

4×6 post cards:

4×6 Postcards | 4/05010025050010002000
12 pt Coated/Uncoated$30.00$35.00$50.00$75.00$120.00$210.00
14 pt Coated/Uncoated$35.00$40.00$55.00$80.00$130.00$230.00
16 pt Coated/Uncoated$40.00$50.00$70.00$100.00$160.00$250.00
4×6 Postcards | 4/15010025050010002000
12 pt Coated/Uncoated$32.00$38.00$65.00$95.00$140.00$230.00
14 pt Coated/Uncoated$40.00$45.00$75.00$110.00$160.00$270.00
16 pt Coated/Uncoated$45.00$55.00$80.00$130.00$180.00$320.00
4×6 Postcards | 4/45010025050010002000
12 pt Coated/Uncoated$45.00$55.00$80.00$125.00$190.00$330.00
14 pt Coated/Uncoated$50.00$65.00$90.00$135.00$220.00$360.00
16 pt Coated/Uncoated$60.00$75.00$110.00$150.00$240.00$400.00

Vanprint, a hub of certified printer innovation, beckons with an impressive range of services and crystal-clear pricing.

Allow your creative visions to find expression seamlessly in this realm where transparency meets versatility. Explore the art of printing with confidence at Vanprint.

Offset Printing Companies Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

In the dynamic landscape of printing, offset printing stands as a stalwart, excelling in large-scale projects, complementing the revolutionary strides made by digital printing.

Offset printing, hailed for its quality, faces a worthy challenger in digital printing. Offset and digital dance to produce indistinguishable designs, a testament to their evolving parity. A fascinating intersection of tradition and innovation.

The more you print, the less you pay per piece. Offset’s rapid production absorbs setup costs, making large runs a cost-effective choice.

Despite the initial cost, offset printing’s high-quality results and cost efficiency for large quantities make it a worthwhile investment for impactful printed materials.

Navigating the challenges of the pandemic, the Offset Printing Machines market showcases resilience, with a promising CAGR of 3.3%. It’s not just a rebound; it’s a testament to adaptability and forward momentum.


Concluding this exploration into the realm of offset printing in Vancouver, the gateway to endless possibilities lies before you. Delve into the intricacies of advanced printing services, where precision and innovation intersect to redefine every printing encounter.

Beyond mere ink on paper, it’s an expansive canvas of potential waiting to be unveiled. The threshold to a world of possibilities stands open; step through and elevate printing endeavors to new heights.

Elevate your projects, please contact us today at – your gateway to top-notch printing solutions. 

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