Offset Printing USA: Services & Contact Details

Welcome, it’s an invitation to the world of American offset printing! In this article, let’s look at unique services and contact information. Offset lithography has gained credibility for its excellent image reproduction and unique color expression.

This technology is used in a variety of fields across the United States to enrich everyday life.

The services provided by the experts have the ability to carry out your project perfectly. The amazing offset printing USA is waiting for you!


  • Offset printing in the United States offers a revolutionary technology.
  • This technology ensures exceptional image quality.
  • It is utilized in a variety of industries and has a profound impact on business and daily life.
  • Offset printing plays an important role in optimizing the success of your project.
  • The market for offset printing in the united states is growing

Offset Printing USA: Offset Printing Market in USA

Offset Printing USA: Offset Printing Market in North America

Introducing USA offset printing companies. Offset printing, started in 1875, involves rolling ink onto metal offset plate using a cylinder, which is then rendered onto paper sheets via a rubber blanket.

Offset printing can print on various kinds of materials, offers a variety of color options pallet like four-color or CMYK color or full color (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), RGB, pantone or spot color, and is used in a variety of print projects. 

Offset printing is the most effective for bulk printing and suitable for long-time printing work due to its excellent printing outputs and accurate color reproduction. 

This report provides an analysis and contact info of the U.S. industrial printing companies, covering the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the sector. In particular, it helps you understand reasons to use offset printing USA.

Mid Way Press

Midway Press, established in 1985, is a family-owned publication printer committed to delivering top-quality products with exceptional customer service and offset printing technology and printing equipment at competitive prices. Their growth led them to a larger facility in Dallas in 2006, showcasing their expanding printing and binding operations. 

They prioritize partnerships, ensuring complete accessibility and transparency throughout the printing process. Their enduring relationships extend to their employees and suppliers, fostering a stable and dependable environment. 

At Midway, sustainability is paramount, with an extensive cost-effective method and cycling printed materials that saved trees, water, landfill space, and reduced air-polluting chemicals. Their commitment to excellence, camaraderie, printing needs and environmental responsibility defines the Midway experience.

  • Address: 645 Regal Row Dallas, TX 75247 (Office) / 645 Regal Row Dallas, TX 75247 (Plant)
  • Mobile: 972-233-8404 (Main) / 972-331-9353 (Sales)
  • Email:

PDC Graphics

For over two decades, clients choose PDC Graphics for exceptional print-driven communications. The skilled team, innovative culture, and advanced facility ensure excellence, efficiency, and continuous print runs improvement.

Awards reflect their achievements, but the real story is helping customers succeed. Navigating complex communication challenges, they leverage cutting-edge equipment and technologies to transfer your goals in to reality. 

A recent customer described them as a true partner, delivering the best thinking, service, and superior products. This capability extends to all customers, and they invite you to utilize their resources, request a quote for unparalleled success and achievement beyond expectations.

  • Address: 105 James Way Southampton, PA 18966
  • Mobile: 215-942-7500
  • Email: Direct Mail Form

Iron Mark

Affordable yet high-quality, offset lithographic printing is ideal for large-volume personalized projects, whether you need brochures, books, flyers, catalogs, or more. The cost decreases with quantity, making it the go-to for extensive runs. Their wide range finishing options, from premium gloss, embossing to custom die-cut shapes, add a polished touch. 

Precision is paramount, achieve by their detail-focused quality control team—stamped with the Iron Mark. Their advanced commercial printers ensure vibrant colors and crisp results on your chosen paper stock.

Count on them for stunning, consistent prints per piece, whether for brochures or business cards. Get a print quote or ask a huge spectrum of printing-related queries for a professional outside perspective.

  • Address: 9040 Junction Dr, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
  • Mobile: 888.775.3737
  • Email:

Sheer Print Solution

Sheer Print Solutions, a leading NYC print company with 28 years in Soho, stands out for portfolio quality, affordability, trade show, ink timeliness and offset printing technology USA. Founder Craig Sheer’s hands-on approach, coupled with a skilled team and advanced technology, ensures print quality. 

The Sheer Guarantee reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction through honesty, hard work, specification, printing speed and meeting deadlines. They thrive on challenges, ensuring projects are published on time and within budget. 

Shipping options, from bike messengers to a award-winning network, guarantee timely deliveries. Upload your print-ready pdf files to Sheer for a printing partner dedicated to integrity, trust, and exceptional service since 1970.

  • Address: 149 West 36th Street New York, NY 10018 (Main Office) / 47 Purdy Avenue Port Chester, NY 10573 (Offset Plant)
  • Mobile: 212.627.1500 / 212.627.2520 
  • Email:

Thomas Group Printing

Thomas Group Printing is a leading offset printing NYC company by prioritizing efficiency without sacrificing quality. With a fourth-generation, family-owned business, clients experience high-quality, color matching vibrant prints at their Manhattan location. Unlike other providers, Thomas Group Printing ensures quick economical turnaround times. 

Their company’s commitment extends to all five boroughs, offering messenger delivery in NYC and nationwide shipping. Clients can count on friendly service for tailored promotional printing jobs. Expect excellence in every offset printing in NYC is what Thomas Group Printing offers.

  • Address: 131 Varick St. New York, NY 10013
  • Mobile: 212-947-6400
  • Email:

Sun Dance Offset

SunDance has earned a reputation as one of Orlando’s state-of-the-art printers due to their distinctive approach. They prioritize ensuring each project runs smoothly, covering design, production, finishing, coating, folding, packaging and shipping.

Their commitment extends further, incorporating strategies, design tools, and automation systems to reduce costs and maintain brand consistency. 

As more than a commercial printing service provider, creative design agency, bulk mail house, or neighborhood sign shop, SunDance is the preferred choice for clients seeking to create stunning, high volume pieces from a trusted vendor. Clients in Orlando can expect a concierge-level attention to detail and top-quality printing from them.

  • Address: 9564 Delegates Dr. Building A Orlando, FL 32837
  • Mobile: 844-42-PRINT (Sales) / 407-734-7444 (Local) / 407-563-5004 (Operations)
  • Email:

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Offset

Heidelberger USA provides outstanding productivity and solutions for the print media and manufacturing sectors, emphasizing end-to-end digitization. Their printing experts focus on integrated system solutions, offering a range of printing machines for various processes, from preconfigured options to specialized large format ones. 

For post press needs, they tailor concepts for both digital and offset printing, enhancing efficiency and profitability. With cutting-edge Remote Services, Heidelberg user experience have immediate access to experts, and performance services, including training and consultancy, boost productivity.

Print Site Contracts further optimize wide variety of production quality and consistency by minimizing complex printing process, downtimes and enhancing lithography machine efficiency.

  • Address: 1000 Gutenberg Dr NW, Kennesaw, GA, United States, Georgia
  • Mobile: 800-437-7388
  • Email:
Offset Printing USA: Offset Printing Market

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to use offset printing in USA, although offset printing has a high initial installation cost, offset printing provides excellent image quality and ideal for high-volume printing.

While digital printing is revolutionizing the industry, offset printing offset printing can print larger runs of high-quality images. This is because its efficiency is unparalleled.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the global offset press market is growing steadily.  The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during this period is 3.3%, which shows that the offset press market continues to grow vigorously.

At some point, offset printing will be more profitable than digital printing. This is due to the advantage of cost of time and materials, but there are other factors to consider. It would be nice to refer to these two graphs that compare different hybrids and different materials. 

Once the offset press is set up, it works very efficiently, offset printing can print large quantities of high-quality images. This gives us accurate high volume color reproduction and crisp, clean, professional printing, which gives us better results. That’s why it’s a great value choice.


Now you know more about the offset printing industry in the United States. This key industry plays an important role in the myriad of products and services we see in our daily lives.

It is contributing to making life richer and changing the way we consume information. If you’re looking for more information and a deeper understanding, don’t hesitate to contact us today at This is a valuable resource for gaining in-depth knowledge of offset printing.

As we watch the U.S. offset printing industry move toward an even brighter future, it’s important that we continue to share our passion and curiosity for the field.

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