Is Redbubble A Legitimate Website For Customers & Creators?

I recently stumbled across Redbubble, an online marketplace that connects independent artists with customers for custom-made products. It got me thinking: is redbubble actually legitimate?

After doing some research, I’m confident the answer is yes! In this article, I’ll take a deep dive into what Redbubble is and what it offers both buyers and creators.

We’ll also take a look at some alternatives to Redbubble and finally answer the question – is redbubble a legitimate website?

Key Takeaways

  • Redbubble is a legitimate company with a good reputation and has been in business since 2006.
  • It offers secure payment options, customer support, and a free return, exchange, or money-back guarantee for all orders.
  • Redbubble has strict policies against hate speech and offensive content and ensures high standards of social and environmental performance.
  • It is a safe and trustworthy platform for artists to sell their artwork, offering free membership, control over product selection and pricing, and artists retain copyright to their designs.

What Is Redbubble?

As an online marketplace, print on demand with redbubble platform has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Its platform is a great way for artists to connect with fans and promote their work, while customers can enjoy custom-made products that are made ethically.

Since 2006, Redbubble has been providing a reliable service with secure payment options and free returns, exchange, or money-back guarantee for all orders.

Redbubble’s Online Marketplace is growing

Redbubble’s online marketplace is quickly expanding, with over 700,000 active artists and operations in three countries.

  • It provides an amazing platform to showcase artwork from around the world and is gaining more attention through word of mouth and reviews.
  • The Redbubble platform offers a wide range of creative redbubble design templates for sale such as clothing, phone cases, stickers (see steps to sell stickers on redbubble), prints and much more.
  • Artists have been able to benefit from this customizable marketplace by setting their own prices and taking full control of their artworks.
  • Customers have also been impressed with the quality of the items they receive as well as the variety available on the site.
  • Redbubble continues to provide access to some of the best artwork out there while allowing buyers to get it at an affordable price.

What products does Redbubble sell?

You can find a wide range of available products for selling on Redbubble such as art, clothing, and home décor items made by independent artists on Redbubble.

From t-shirts to stickers, phone cases to mugs, you’ll find something for everyone. Plus, with customer reviews, you can trust the quality of the product before you buy.

  • T-Shirts: Redbubble has a huge selection of unique shirts in every style imaginable.
  • Stickers: From funny quotes to beautiful artwork, there are lots of perfect sticker options available on Redbubble.
  • Phone Cases: Choose from thousands of custom designs for your iPhone or Android phone case that make it stand out from the crowd!

You can be sure that what you order is safe and secure; all products go through strict moderation before being approved for sale on the site. Plus, customers are protected by a hassle-free redbubble returns if they’re not happy with their purchase – making the shopping experience at Redbubble worry-free and convenient!

Is Redbubble legit as a buyer

As a buyer, I often wonder if Redbubble is really legit. Can I get my money back if something goes wrong? Is it overpriced? Is it official merch? Is it ethical and sustainable? What are people saying about Redbubble across the internet?

These questions have been on my mind for some time, so let’s explore what we can learn about this company.

A hand reaching out to pick up a Redbubble product, with a close-up of the product's label and a small stack of bills in the background

Can you get your money back from Redbubble?

You can get your money back from Redbubble with their free return, exchange, or money-back guarantee for all orders. This policy demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and reliability.

Money-Back Guarantee?YesNo/Limited/Varies by Company
Payment Options?Secure Payment Options + PayPalVaries by Company
Customer Support?YesVaries by Company

The range of art, clothing, and home décor items made by independent artists are covered under this policy. With a good reputation since 2006, Redbubble is a safe and trustworthy option for selling artwork. Their strict policies against hate speech and offensive content ensures a secure environment for customers buying from them.

Is Redbubble overpriced?

It can be argued that Redbubble’s prices may seem high, but the quality of their products and customer satisfaction demonstrate value for money.

  • While they are not the cheapest option out there, they offer a wide range of unique designs created by independent artists.
  • The price you pay reflects the quality of materials used to create the items, as well as any customization options requested.
  • Many customers have reported positive experiences with their orders, citing quick delivery times and good customer service response when needed.
  • On top of this, Redbubble offers a free returns policy in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

In short, while there may be cheaper alternatives out there, the convenience and quality offered by Redbubble is worth considering before making your decision.

Is Redbubble official merch

I’m sure you’ve heard of Redbubble as an online marketplace for custom-made products, but did you know that Redbubble also produces official merchandise? |

Yes, it’s true! Redbubble is officially licensed to produce merch for some of the biggest names in entertainment. It’s a great way to show your support for your favorite artists or brands.|

Brand/ArtistType of Merchandise Available
DisneyT-shirts, phone cases, stickers
MarvelPosters, hoodies
Star WarsTote bags, hats

Redbubble’s selection of official merchandise is constantly growing and the quality is top notch. So if you’re looking for a unique way to show your fandom for something special, check out what they have available today!

Is Redbubble ethical?

Redbubble is committed to ethical practices, striving for high standards of social and environmental performance.

  • They have a strict policy against hate speech and offensive content, as well as moderators reviewing each design before it’s approved. Additionally, they produce goods in the same location that they’re ordered from, reducing energy for transportation.
  • Redbubble also participates in schemes to offset carbon emissions from shipping. All of this shows their commitment to ethical practices and environmental sustainability.
  • Furthermore, they ensure that all artists retain copyright to their designs when selling on their platform. They provide free membership with control over product selection and pricing as well as secure payment options and customer support available.
  • Finally, customers can enjoy a free return, exchange, or money-back guarantee for any purchases made through Redbubble, which gives them peace of mind when shopping with the company.

All this makes it clear that Redbubble takes ethics seriously and has built a strong reputation based on fairness and transparency.

What are people saying about Redbubble?

People generally have positive things to say about Redbubble. Many praise the wide range of products and customization options, affordable pricing, and frequent promotions. I’ve seen great reviews from buyers who have had their orders shipped quickly and received high-quality items.

People also appreciate the return policy that allows them to get a full refund or exchange for defective items. The customer service team is often praised as being responsive and helpful too.

Overall, people are satisfied with their purchases from Redbubble. However, there have been some complaints about print quality issues in rare cases. But overall, Redbubble has a good reputation for providing reliable products backed by excellent customer service.

Is Redbubble legit as a creator?

As an artist, I’m sure you want to know how trustworthy Redbubble is and whether it’s worth joining. You may also be interested in learning about the company’s fan art program and how much they pay artists.

Additionally, you’ll want to know who sets the price on Redbubble and what it costs to sell their products. As a creator, it’s important to have all of this information before making any decisions.

A hand holding up a Redbubble t-shirt with a satisfied expression on the face of the wearer

How trustworthy is redbubble?

Redbubble is a trustworthy website for artists to create and sell their designs.

  • It offers secure payment options, customer support, and a strict policy against hate speech.
  • Some of the features of Redbubble include free membership for artists, giving them control over product selection and pricing. The website also upholds high standards of social and environmental performance.
  • In addition, Redbubble provides a free return, exchange, or money-back guarantee for all orders. It ensures payment security through SSL encryption and has a dedicated team that monitors for fraudulent activity and counterfeit products.
  • Redbubble has been around since 2006 and has earned a good reputation. It is known for reliable shipping times, prompt customer service response, quality products, and affordable prices.

Overall, Redbubble is a safe and trustworthy platform to purchase custom art from independent artists.

What is Redbubble fan art program?

Redbubble’s fan art program allows you to get creative and show off your favorite fandom with custom-made designs printed on various items. Through this platform, artists are able to create unique artwork that is available for purchase through the website.

  • The fan art program is a great way for fans of different fandoms to express their love for them in an artistic and creative manner.
  • It also gives artists an opportunity to make money from selling their original designs.
  • All artwork must be approved before being put up on the site, ensuring that all products meet Redbubble’s standards and adhere to copyright laws.

There are countless possibilities with the fan art program, allowing customers to choose from hundreds of different designs or even create their own customized design. Customers can also opt for a variety of product options such as t-shirts, phone cases or stickers featuring the chosen design.

With Redbubble’s fan art program, you can express your fandom in style!

How much does Redbubble pay artists?

You can make money from selling your artwork on this online marketplace – Redbubble pays artists for their designs. Artists are paid a commission for every item sold that features their design, with the amount depending on the product and artist’s pricing preferences.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Redbubble pays artists through PayPal or direct deposit.
  • Artists keep all of the rights and royalties associated with their designs.
  • Commission rates vary between products, ranging from 8-20% of sale prices.

Artists benefit from reliable payments, control over pricing and product selection, and a trustworthy platform for selling their artwork. With its high standards of social and environmental performance as well as secure payment options, Redbubble is a legitimate company offering an opportunity to make money while sharing your creative art with others worldwide.

Who set the price on Redbubble?

I recently wrote about how much Redbubble pays artists, but another important factor for artists to consider is who sets the price on the platform. On Redbubble, the artist has full control over pricing their products:

ItemPrice Set by ArtistProfit per Sale
Phone CasesYes10-15%*

The artist sets a base price and then earns a commission based on that price, which varies depending on the item being sold. For example, prints have a higher profit margin than t-shirts or phone cases. This allows artists to be in charge of their own pricing and ensure they receive adequate compensation for their work.

How much does it cost to sell on Redbubble?

Selling on Redbubble doesn’t cost anything – artists just set their own prices and earn a commission.

  • It’s great for those who want to make money from their art, as they can choose the items they list and how much they charge.
  • The site takes a 20% commission, which is standard for most online marketplaces. Redbubble also pays its artists through PayPal, giving them access to their earnings quickly and safely.

When setting up an account, there are no fees or charges associated with joining the platform.

  • Redbubble also makes it easy for artists to manage their accounts and products thanks to its comprehensive dashboard and analytics features.
  • Artists can easily monitor sales performance of each item, analyze their customer demographics, track trends over time, and more.
  • They also have control over pricing of each item so that they can maximize profits while still providing value for customers.

Overall, selling on Redbubble is an easy way to start making money from your artwork without any upfront costs or long-term commitment.

What are the benefits of selling on Redbubble?

  • Offering artwork on Redbubble provides numerous benefits for artists. As an online marketplace connecting artists and customers, Redbubble provides a great platform to sell artwork with control over product selection and pricing.
  • It also retains the copyright of any designs submitted by the artist, ensuring that their work is protected. Additionally, there are no membership fees or commissions charged for selling art on Redbubble, making it an affordable option compared to other platforms.
  • Furthermore, secure payment options are available and customer service is prompt and helpful in assisting with any queries or issues. Moreover, Redbubble has a strict policy against hate speech and offensive content so artists can be sure that their designs will not be misused or abused in any way.
  • Finally, all orders come with a free return exchange or money-back guarantee which demonstrates Redbubble’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overall, selling on Redbubble provides many advantages for independent artists looking to monetize their artwork quickly and securely.

How do you get paid on Redbubble?

Payment on Redbubble is handled through PayPal, so artists can get paid quickly and securely. Artists must sign up for a free PayPal account to receive payments from sales of their Redbubble products.

Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of each month for orders shipped in the previous two weeks, with no minimum payout threshold. Payments include all applicable taxes and fees.

Payment MethodFees
Direct Deposit0%

Redbubble provides detailed instructions and customer support to ensure hassle-free payment processing. Artists also have the option to withdraw funds directly into a linked bank account or credit card at no additional cost. This makes it easy for artists to track payments and manage their finances.

Can you use google image on redbubble?

Using Google images on Redbubble isn’t allowed, so make sure you’re only using original artwork.

As an artist selling on the platform, it’s important to be aware of this policy and understand why it exists. Redbubble takes copyright seriously and has a strict policy against infringement. Publishing any content that violates copyright laws can lead to legal action and damage your reputation as an artist.

It’s also important to remember that designs are reviewed by moderators before they are approved for sale on the site. Any artwork containing stolen or copied elements will not be approved, so make sure you use only your own original work when creating designs for Redbubble.

Redbubble Alternatives

As an artist looking for an online platform to sell their artwork, it is important to know about the different alternatives available. Sellfy, PrintBest, Printful, and Printify are all viable options that offer a variety of features and product selection.

Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider the details before making a choice. I’ll discuss some key points about each of these Redbubble alternatives in order to help you make an informed decision.


Sellfy is an alternative to Redbubble, offering a platform for artists to sell their artwork and connect with customers. It’s user-friendly, with no setup or monthly fees and free membership for artists. Sellfy allows you to control your product selection and pricing, as well as keep copyright of the designs.

Setup FeesNoneNone
Monthly FeesNoneNone
Artist PaymentPayPalPayPal/Stripe/Bitcoin
Product SelectionWide RangeLess Variety

The downside of Sellfy is its limited variety of products compared to Redbubble, but it does provide an easy-to-use system and secure payment options like Stripe and Bitcoin.

Furthermore, there’s no need to worry about fraud or counterfeit products since they have a dedicated team monitoring these activities.

Overall, Sellfy provides similar features as Redbubble with reliable customer service and quick response times.


  • PrintBest is an alternative to Redbubble, offering a variety of products with affordable pricing and reliable customer service. It’s a great option for artists who don’t want to use Redbubble or are looking for more product selection.
  • PrintBest allows you to customize your products and prices according to your needs. You can also choose from different printing options like digital, screen-printing, DTG (direct-to-garment), and sublimation printing. The quality of their prints is good and the colors remain vibrant even after washing.
  • Moreover, they offer fast delivery times with flexible shipping options. They have helpful customer service representatives available 24/7 who respond quickly to any queries or issues you might have.

All in all, PrintBest is a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to Redbubble that offers good quality prints at reasonable prices with reliable customer service.


  • Printful is an alternative to Redbubble that offers a range of customizable products with competitive pricing and great customer service. It is based in the US, so shipping times are generally faster than with Redbubble.
  • They provide a wide selection of products including shirts, phone cases, mugs, and hats. The quality of their products is on par with Redbubble’s and their prices are often lower.
  • Their customer support team is fast and helpful in solving any issues you may have. Printful also has integrated fulfillment services which makes it easy to streamline your business operations.

Overall, Printful is a viable alternative to Redbubble for those who want competitive pricing and quick delivery times.


  • Moving on from Printful, we come to another popular online printing platform: Printify. Founded in 2015, Printify is a legitimate company with operations in the US and Europe.
  • It has been gaining popularity due to its competitive prices for custom-made products like t-shirts, mugs, hats, and more.
  • Printify’s platform allows artists to create their own designs and have them printed on various items. The website also provides an intuitive interface for easy product selection and customization.
  • Additionally, Printify ensures quality control with strict guidelines for design production and offers customer support services like tracking orders and returns policy.

Overall, Printify is a reliable option for artists who want to sell their artwork online.

So, is redbubble a legitimate website? Final Thought…

Yes, Redbubble is a legitimate website that has been around since 2006. It offers reliable customer service, great product quality, and a hassle-free return policy.

The company has a strict policy against hate speech and offensive content. All designs are reviewed by moderators before approval. Redbubble also meets high standards of social and environmental performance.

Here’s what you can expect from Redbubble:

  • Secure payment options
  • Free return, exchange, or money-back guarantee for all orders
  • Production in the same location as ordered to reduce energy for transportation
  • Offsetting of carbon emissions from shipping
  • Copyright control over artwork sold

Overall, Redbubble is an excellent choice for artists looking to sell their work and customers seeking unique products made by independent artists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Redbubble offers international shipping. Customers can choose from a variety of delivery services to get their order quickly and reliably. Delivery times vary depending on the destination country, but all orders are securely tracked for peace of mind.

To track my Redbubble order, I log into my account and click on ‘My Orders.’ Then, I can view all of the orders I have placed and check the status. If needed, I can also contact customer service for more information.

Redbubble has an impressive return policy – a hassle-free guarantee which allows me to send back any item within 30 days for a full refund. It demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a safe and reliable website to shop from.

Yes, Redbubble products are eco-friendly. They participate in schemes to offset carbon emissions from shipping and produce goods locally, reducing energy for transportation. They have high standards of social and environmental performance.

Yes, Redbubble offers discounts and promotions regularly. From free shipping to exclusive artist collections, you can find special savings each season. Sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about all the latest deals.


After considering the facts, I’m convinced that Redbubble is a legitimate website. It provides quality products, reliable payment systems, and excellent customer service.

Plus, it has a strict policy against hate speech and offensive content to ensure customers have a safe shopping experience. It’s clear that Redbubble is a trustworthy option for both buyers and creators alike – like a shining beacon of hope in an online marketplace sea of uncertainty.

So if you’re looking for great artwork with no strings attached, look no further than Redbubble!

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