Understanding How Does Zazzle Work (Updated 2023)

The majestic wings of an eagle are a powerful symbol for the creative freedom that Zazzle provides its users.

As an online marketplace, Zazzle is a platform where creators can sell artwork on products and makers can manufacture and sell physical products, while associates promote and refer customers to earn money.

This article will explore how does zazzle work, what benefits it offers, and how much it costs to use this amazing service.

Key Takeaways

  • Zazzle is an online marketplace where creators, makers, and associates can sell customizable products.
  • Creators can earn money by selling artwork on the marketplace, setting their own royalty percentage for each sale.
  • Makers can manufacture and sell physical products, while Zazzle takes care of manufacturing, shipping, and customer service.
  • Associates can earn money by promoting Zazzle through referral links and can participate in the Associates Program to increase their earnings.

how does zazzle work?

Zazzle operates through an online marketplace model that connects customers to manufacturing.

Customers can visit Zazzle’s website to choose products and templates to personalize with their own designs.

Zazzle integrates with payment processors for easy ordering. Zazzle then leverages its facilities and technology to efficiently produce the customized orders. Completed products are shipped directly from Zazzle to the customers.

Customers can track shipping status on their Zazzle account and reach out to customer service with any issues.

By handlings customization, production, shipping, and support seamlessly through its website and facilities, Zazzle provides a streamlined experience from order through delivery of unique customized products.

This integrated online marketplace model is how Zazzle is able to deliver customized products directly to customers.

Understanding the Basics of Zazzle

You can start making money with Zazzle by understanding the basics of their Creator, Maker, and Associate programs.

Creators can design artwork for products and set their own royalty percentage, while Makers manufacture and sell physical products. Associates earn money through referral links when sales are made through them.

To get started:

No need to pay for upfront costs or handle shipping – just focus on designing and promoting products! Plus, you don’t need a store to be an associate – just add your associate ID to a link and share it across various platforms.

With its help guides, tutorials, promotional tools, and more – Zazzle makes it easy to create beautiful products and generate income from them.

How To Make Money With Your Creativity on Zazzle

As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve found that one of the best ways to make money with my creativity is by selling my designs and artwork on Zazzle.

  • Designing products on Zazzle is simple and straightforward; you can upload images and design them into products such as t-shirts, mugs, and more.
  • Selling online with Zazzle is easy too; once your product is ready to go, it’s automatically listed for sale in their marketplace. Plus, when someone makes a purchase through your link or store page, you’ll earn commissions from each sale.
  • To maximize sales potential, there are also promotional tools available on Zazzle which allow you to promote your products across different platforms.
a person with a lightbulb-shaped brain and creative tools such as a paintbrush, pen, and laptop, happily making money with their ideas.

Designing Products

Designing products on Zazzle is simple and you can upload as many designs and images as you want, as long as they abide by the content guidelines.

To start a successful Zazzle business:

  1. Open a free store.
  2. Create products for sale.
  3. Focus on designing and promoting your items.
  4. Set your own royalty percentage for each sale.

With invitations, cards, apparel, accessories and more, there are endless possibilities for designing products to sell on Zazzle.

There is no need to pay upfront or handle shipping – all of that is taken care of by the platform. Plus, there are no fees associated with selling on Zazzle so you keep all of the profits from your sales minus any applicable taxes.

This makes it easy to make money with your creativity!

Selling Online

Selling your products on Zazzle couldn’t be easier – you’ll never have to worry about handling shipping or paying upfront costs, and you’ll get to keep all the profits from your sales.

  • The platform is easy to use and requires no specialized knowledge. You just need to create a template for each product, upload the design, set a royalty percentage, and wait for orders!
  • Zazzle reviews products for Zazzle’s platform safety scrutiny and copyright scrutiny before they are put up for sale so you can rest assured that your products will be of high quality.
  • The platform also provides a great level of security when it comes to transactions, with their strict safety protocols ensuring customer data is kept safe at all times.
  • Plus, with their excellent customer service team on hand if any issues arise, you can trust that Zazzles platform is secure and reliable.

Earning Commissions

Transitioning from selling online, let’s now delve into how to earn commissions on Zazzle.

  • If you’re an associate of Zazzle, you can make money by promoting products, pages or stores through referral links. The standard commission rate is 15%, with a potential bonus of up to 17%. Additionally, if you designed the product that was promoted and sold, you’ll receive a referral fee!
  • There are no fees associated with the Associate Program and earnings can be transferred to your PayPal account.
  • To maximize your earnings, take advantage of various promotional tools available on the Zazzle website – like sharing links on social media sites or creating blog posts about products.

With these tools and tips, you’ll soon be making money with Zazzle!

Promoting Products

Promoting products on Zazzle can help you earn commissions and referral Zazzle selling fees and earnings.

  • By becoming an associate, you can get your own affiliate link to share on social media, blogs, websites, and more. You’ll earn a commission for every purchase that’s made through your link.
  • There are no fees associated with the Associates Program, so it’s free to join and start promoting! With the promotional tools available on Zazzle, you can maximize your earnings potential by targeting the right audience.
  • You can also curate and share favorite products with Zazzle Collections to further increase exposure of your links.

Get started today and start earning money by promoting products on Zazzle!

The Benefits of Zazzle

Zazzle offers many benefits to creators, makers, and associates.

  • Creators can earn money without any upfront costs and set their own royalty percentage. They can also upload an unlimited number of designs or images.
  • Makers can manufacture physical products without paying in advance or handling shipping. Associates can earn money by promoting Zazzle through referral links and can earn up to 17% commission per sale. They also have access to additional earnings from the Associates Program.
  • Promoting Zazzle is easy with the various promotional tools available on the website, including social media, blogs, websites, and more. There are tutorials and guides for designing products, as well as helpful forums and blogs full of tips and tricks.

At Zazzle, there’s something for everyone who wants to make money online!

A hand placing an item in a shopping cart overflowing with colorful, personalized products from Zazzle

what is zazzle plus and how does it work?

Zazzle Plus is a great way to increase your earnings on the platform. It’s an upgraded version of Zazzle that offers additional benefits, such as higher royalties, exclusive promotions, and access to more tools.

With Zazzle Plus, creators can set their own royalty rate up to 99%, allowing them to make more money for each sale. Associates also have access to exclusive promotions and discounts which they can use to promote products and earn even more commissions.

Additionally, Zazzle Plus members gain access to advanced promotional tools which help them maximize their earnings from the Associate program.

Overall, Zazzle Plus is a great way for creators and associates alike to boost their income on the platform.

how much does it cost to sell on zazzle

It costs nothing to sell on Zazzle – you’ll just earn a royalty percentage from each sale. As a seller, you have the freedom to set your own royalty rate for each product and there are no upfront costs or handling fees.

You can make money in several ways:

  • Creators: Design artwork to put on products and sell them through the Creator Program
  • Set your own royalty percentage
  • Makers: Manufacture physical products through the Maker Platform
  • Associates: Promote Zazzle using referral links and earn commissions
  • Earn additional earnings with the Associate Program

You can focus on designing and promoting while Zazzle takes care of manufacturing, shipping, and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Zazzle by email, phone, or chat. Email support is typically answered within 12-24 hours and contact information can be found on the Zazzle contact page. If you don’t receive a response, check your spam/bulk mail folder.

I’m an experienced Zazzle Associate, earning money through referral links! Becoming one’s easy – just add your associate ID to links and start promoting Zazzle products. Earn up to 17% commission with no fees – it’s an amazing way to make extra cash!

No, there is no minimum order size to sell on Zazzle. Creators can upload as many designs and images as they want without any upfront costs. They earn a royalty percentage for each sale.

All types of designs are allowed on Zazzle, as long as they comply with content guidelines. I don’t have to pay for products in advance and can upload unlimited designs and images. It’s important to make sure I own the rights to these before posting.

Yes, associates must comply with Zazzle’s Terms of Service when promoting. This includes not using deceptive practices or offensive language and not misusing trademarks or copyrights.


There’s no better way to make your mark in the world than by putting yourself out there and selling on Zazzle. You won’t regret it!

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