Cheryl G.Harris

Cheryl G. harris

  • Founder & Author of WLO-USA
  • Current job: Content Creator and freelancer in Graphic Design, with Expertise in POD Project
  • Expertise: Graphic Designer
  • Title: Chief Designer, WLO-USA

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I have more than 10 years of experience in pursuing the graphic design industry and as a professional with many years of experience in the printing industry. I have had a successful career as a Technician, and Design Consultant at top American magazines such as Forbes and Adweek. My expertise includes Design and Product Creation, Consulting Marketing and Promotion, and catching up with Trends in print
I obtained my graphic design degree in 1985 and dedicated over a decade to honing my skills and contributing to captivating projects in this field.
From 1985 to 2012, it was a crucial time for me to learn and develop advanced graphic design skills while building trustworthy relationships with colleagues and clients.
Since 2012, I decided to embrace a freelance career as a designer, aiming to capitalize on my unique creativity and versatility in the field.
I have designed graphics for various projects, ranging from small to large, including logos, advertisements, illustrations, and various print designs as per client requirements. Since my start-up story in 2012, I have spent lots of time researching and trying out materials, combined with technological development, achieved success with Print on Demand projects, and brought to market many unique products such as t-shirts, shirts, glasses, and books.
These challenges have always excited me, and I take pride in creating distinctive and impressive graphic products.
Freelance work has given me the chance to discover and enhance my own creative talents.
I have collaborated with clients, delivering reliable and high-quality print design solutions.
Freelance graphic design has also opened doors for me to explore and apply the latest trends in the design industry.
In addition to my creative skills, I’ve established trustworthy connections with clients and business partners, which has contributed to my success.
Guided by the principle that “Quality is the measure of development” I always value listening and understanding the needs of clients to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.
I believe that continuing to explore and apply printing techniques, technology, and new trends will make me a versatile and creative graphic designer.
I want to establish enduring connections with my customers, coworkers, and business partners.
This is my story of experience, growth, and achievements in the field of Printing.
I am willing to aspire to accompany and share my experiences with others through articles based on my real-life experiences.
I am an Author and Founder at, I have the desire to share my expertise and practical experiences with readers as quickly and widely as possible.
With more than 10 years in my career, I passed lots of difficulties as well as value chance before I get success with my POD project. I am willing to accompany you to bring your imagination to reality


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