Creating and Selling Amazon Print On Demand Comics (2023)

As the old adage says, a picture is worth a thousand words – and with Amazon’s print-on-demand comic books service, you can turn these timeless stories into tangible masterpieces.

From creating your own series to exploring existing best sellers, I’m here to take you through the ins and outs of this exciting industry.

So buckle up as we explore the vibrant world of Amazon Print on Demand Comics!

Key Takeaways

  • Create an Amazon Author Central page to promote your comic book and easily link it for purchase
  • Write a compelling description for your comic book to attract potential buyers
  • Utilize Amazon’s advertising tools to increase visibility and generate more sales
  • Remember that promotion is key to selling comics on Amazon Print on Demand

Benefits of amazon print on demand comics

Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, has expanded into the realm of print-on-demand comics, providing a platform where creators can share their narratives without the hassle of traditional publishing.

This service not only offers comic enthusiasts a wide range of diverse genres to explore but also integrates with Amazon’s Prime delivery, ensuring speedy access for eager readers. Additionally, comic creators greatly benefit from the Amazon review system, which garners valuable feedback and fosters a dynamic reader-creator relationship.

As the medium evolves, some comics on this platform even incorporate advanced features such as AR and multimedia elements, further enhancing the reading experience. This innovative approach, coupled with occasional collaborations between Amazon and renowned comic studios, paves the way for a revolutionized comic industry.

You can benefit from Amazon Print-on-Demand Comics in multiple ways.

  • Firstly, you have access to a wide range of titles from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and other comic book publishers. This gives you the opportunity to create your own comics or graphic novels with ease.
  • Secondly, you don’t need to worry about printing costs or storage space since Amazon handles the production and delivery of your product. This means you can start selling your work right away without any minimum order quantity required.
  • Additionally, by using Amazon’s print on demand service, you get access to discounts from their partner vendors for bulk orders.
  • Moreover, being an official KDP publisher also comes with additional promotional opportunities.

With all these advantages, it’s clear why so many creators are turning to Amazon print-on-demand comics as a way to share their stories.

Comic Books On Amazon KDP: How Popular Are They? What’s The Market Size And Profitability?

As a comic book fan, I’m always interested in learning about the size and profitability of the market. Amazon KDP is one major player in this market, so it’s worth exploring how popular comic books are on their platform and what kind of profits they can generate.

To get an idea of the scope involved, it’s important to look at both the overall size of the comic book market itself as well as how much potential there is for profit when publishing through Amazon KDP.

How big is the comic book market?

The comic book market is huge, with millions of readers around the world. From t-shirts to power rangers and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a breakdown of the size and scope of the comic book market:

  • Marvel Comics dominates the market share when it comes to superhero comics, accounting for over 40% of sales in 2020.
  • Graphic novels are increasingly popular, generating over $1 billion in sales last year alone.
  • Comic strips are a growing segment, thanks to their accessibility on mobile devices and web platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
  • The global comic book industry is estimated to be worth around $25 billion annually, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Whether you’re a fan of superheroes or just looking for some good old fashioned storytelling, there’s no denying that the comic book industry is booming!

How profitable are comic books on Amazon KDP?

With digital platforms like Amazon KDP, comic books can be highly profitable for authors. Publishing a comic book on Amazon offers multiple advantages, from the convenience of self-publishing to the ability to make your work available around the world.

Additionally, there are options for selling physical copies of your comic as t-shirts and other merchandise through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Creating a successful comic book requires much more than just writing and drawing; you need to know how to market it effectively.

There are guide to selling on-demand products on Amazon available that provide detailed instructions on how to best sell your comics on Amazon, including tips for getting your book printed via Kindle. With popular franchises such as Avengers and other superhero stories dominating the market, it’s important to recognize what makes your work stand out in order to make it profitable.

How to Upload Your Comic Book Series

Creating a comic book series on Amazon KDP is relatively simple, but there are several steps you should take to ensure success.

  1. First, set up an Amazon Comics account. This will give you access to the tools and features specifically designed for comic book creators.
  2. Next, focus on creating an eye-catching comic book cover. A visually appealing cover is essential for attracting potential readers and standing out among other titles.
  3. Once you have your cover ready, it’s time to upload your comic book content. This includes formatting your pages and ensuring that they are properly aligned for digital reading.
  4. After uploading your content, you’ll need to set a price for your comic book. Consider the market value of similar titles and determine a competitive yet profitable price point.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to promote your comic book on Amazon. Utilize social media, email marketing, and other advertising avenues to reach your target audience and generate buzz for your series.

With some planning and preparation, you can have your comic book series available for purchase on Amazon in no time!

A hand holding a touchscreen device, with the image of a comic book series being uploaded in the background

Setting up an Amazon Comics Account

Setting up an Amazon Comics Account is quick and easy. All you need is an Amazon account, and you can literally dive into Amazon’s solution for independent authors.

From here, you can explore Amazon’s coloring book offerings as well as its various Amazon’s various print on demand dimensions. Whether it’s a single comic or a series, the process of getting your comics printed to order is straightforward.

It involves uploading your PDF files, creating cover art if needed, setting up pricing options and other key elements such as shipping details and marketing tools.

Once complete, you can then submit your product for approval with Amazon before it goes live in the store.

The whole setup process generally takes no more than a couple hours from start to finish!

Creating Your Comic Book Cover

Once you’ve uploaded your PDF files, designing the cover of your comic book is a crucial next step. This will be the first thing potential readers see when they come across your work, so make sure it looks great and stands out!

TitleKeep it succinct and attention-grabbing.
Images/symbolsChoose eye-catching visuals that reflect the content of your comic book.
Background color/texturePick something unique that will grab readers’ interest.
Tagline/slogan (optional)Give potential readers a quick summary of what they can expect to find in your comic book.

Creating an attractive cover requires careful consideration of elements such as font, color scheme, images, symbols and taglines – but take heart; with some practice and experimentation you’ll soon become a pro at designing captivating covers for all kinds of projects!

Upload Content

  1. Uploading your content is essential for making your comic book available to readers. You’ll need to submit a PDF file of all the pages you want printed, so it’s important that everything is formatted correctly.
  2. Make sure you use correct page size and resolution settings, as well as bleed and trim settings for each page. You’ll also need to upload any cover images separately in JPG or TIFF format. If your comic includes color pages, they should be uploaded in CMYK mode rather than RGB.
  3. Finally, don’t forget to include a vector PDF copy of your finished cover design!

Following these steps will ensure that your comic looks great when it’s printed through Amazon Print on Demand services.

Setting Your Comic Book Price

Once your comic is uploaded, it’s time to set its price.Price
Black & White Interior$0.99
Colored Interior$1.49
Glossy Cover+$0.50
Saddle Stitch Binding+$2.99
  • Setting the right price for your comic book should be based on several factors like interior color, cover quality and binding type; all these can affect the cost of printing and shipping.
  • Make sure you select a price that reflects the value of your product while also allowing you to remain competitive in your marketplace.
  • Knowing what similar comics are selling for will help you decide an appropriate price range so that people are willing to pay for it without feeling ripped off.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to factor in any additional costs like taxes and fees when setting the final price.

Promoting Your Comic Book on Amazon

Now that you’ve set your comic book price, it’s time to promote your book on Amazon.

With a few simple steps, you can get the word out and generate more sales.

  1. Start by creating an Amazon Author Central page and linking to your comic book. This will make it easier for customers to find and purchase your work.
  2. You should also create a compelling description of your comic book, highlighting what makes it unique so potential buyers are drawn in.
  3. Finally, take advantage of Amazon’s advertising tools such as sponsored products which can increase visibility for your comic book.

Remember, promotion is key to selling comics on Amazon!

A sneak peek into the best sellers in the comic book category

Check out the top selling comic books on Amazon Print on Demand!

SagaBrian K. Vaughan & Fiona StaplesSci-Fi/Fantasy4.6/5
Monstress Vol. 1: AwakeningMarjorie Liu & Sana TakedaFantasy 4.7/5
The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard Horror 4.8/5
Watchmen Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Superheroes 4.9/5

From the popular dystopian series, watchmen, to the horror of The Walking Dead, these titles have earned their place in the hearts of readers and critics alike for their captivating storylines and impressive artwork that can transport you to another world. With an average rating of 4.75 stars across this list, it’s no surprise that these prints are flying off shelves!

A sneak peek into the best sellers in the comic book category

Best practices and tips for sellers

For those looking to become successful sellers, it’s important to know the best practices and tips for success. Here are a few key ones:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of Amazon’s marketplace rules and regulations.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to help promote your comics.
  • Always provide the best customer service possible.
  • Regularly review competitors’ prices and adjust accordingly.

By following these strategies, you can make sure your print on demand comic business is set up for success on Amazon.

Best practices and tips for sellers

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m aware of several platforms that offer print on demand comics. Sites like Printify, Gooten, and CustomCat provide services to create custom prints for a variety of products, including comic books. Additionally, there are independent artist sites such as Redbubble and Society6 that have options for printed comics.

Costs for printing on demand comics vary; however, typically it’s necessary to cover the cost of production, shipping, and any potential royalties. To make it more economical, I’d suggest researching options like bulk orders or subscription plans.

Yes, there is a minimum order quantity for print on demand comics. Generally the minimum is one copy but some sellers may require more.

Can I track the success of my comic book series? Absolutely! Amazon Print on Demand offers detailed analytics to help you monitor your progress. With this data, you can make informed decisions that will increase your success.

Yes, there are several notable comic book series that began as print on demand comics. My Chemical Romance’s “The Umbrella Academy” and Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” both started out this way.


Wrapping up, Amazon Print-on-Demand comics is a great way to get your comic series out there and make some money. With the right knowledge, strategies, and creativity, you can easily find success with this platform.

Plus, it’s totally worth it when you see your beloved characters come to life! So if you’re looking for a new venture in 2021, consider giving these print on demand comics a shot – you won’t regret it!

Trust me; this is one classic that will never go out of style.

If you have any questions or would like to read more about delving into Amazon’s POD offerings, or how to know ways for running a print on demand business, Kindly drop them at to get help. We’re happy to accompany all of you anytime you need.

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