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  • Promote creativity, and approach printing products according to the development trend of the world.
  • We see a society in which everyone has the ability to design distinctive print items that are individualized to their own wants and requirements.
  • We intend to assist people, companies, and artists in realizing their ideas in a range of media, including books, magazines, posters, and more, via our print-on-demand service
  • We want to decrease waste and optimize efficiency, developing a more sustainable and ecologically friendly printing technology, by doing away with the need for mass printing and storage.
  • We believe print-on-demand opens up countless opportunities for creativity and self-expression. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a self-published author bringing his writing to life, an artist displaying their work on fine prints, or a company owner making unique items for a certain brand. We wish to serve as the platform that brings these aspirations to life.
  • With advanced printing technology and a smooth ordering process, we are committed to delivering high-quality printing products that meet top standards of craftsmanship.
  • We often participate in discovery and development to be on the leading edge of advances in the printing industry and ensure that our customers get the best results for their projects.
  • In order to help create a diversified and vibrant printing industry, we believe that our print-on-demand service will encourage innovation and individual expression.





Cheryl G.Harris

Cheryl G.Harrist

Print on Demand (POD) Author
Cheryl G. Harris is the author and founder at wlo-usa.org, she has the desire to share her expertise and practical experiences with readers as quickly and widely as possible.

As a professional with many years of experience in the printing industry, Cheryl G. Harris has had a successful career as a Technician, and Design Consultant at top American magazines such as Forbes and Adweek.

With more than 10 years in my career, I passed lots of difficulties as well as value chance before I get success with my POD project. I am willing to accompany you to bring your imagination to reality“.


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